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  • IntenseMagic
    I'm not a huge fan of fall because I hate raking leaves and It reminds me that winter is coming, but I'll play along and maybe it will make me think more positively about it haha
    1. College Football
    2. NFL Football
    3. The colors
    4. No heat or ac bills and open windows
    5. All things Halloween!

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  • Donnatopia

    Okay, I'll play.... Here's mine:
    1. Our annual Fall vacation (I live in So. Florida, so we don't see fall unless we travel north)
    2. Gaining that hour back that Day light savings time stole from us
    3. Backyard fires in our fire pit
    4. The return of the birds that migrate south
    5. Stews, soups and homemade bread make their way back into our menu rotation

    (And outside of that one piece of pumpkin pie I have at Thanksgiving... y'all can keep your pumpkin spiced products. I do enjoy the Halloween pumpkin carving with the littles, though!)

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  • Heidi Nicole
    Here are mine!
    1. The smell of fall... inside and out
    2. The colors of the trees
    3. Hot coffee on a cool morning on the porch
    4. Sweaters and sweatshirts
    5. Turning the AC off and opening the windows (and to my hubby's dismay... turning on the fireplace!)

    (so, it seems I'm pretty basic... but, I did NOT put pumpkin anything... so there's that...)

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