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Share my Scrapbook - need some volunteers!

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  • Share my Scrapbook - need some volunteers!

    Hey gang! So for my Christmas present last year, my husband built me this cool scrapbook sharing website because I wanted to stop spending so much money on printed books (we move a lot, and they were starting to get heavy!)... AND we wanted to be able to share albums with family that doesn't live close by.

    So we've got this cool site that was created solely for that purpose... and we're wondering if anyone in this lovely community would be interested in taking a look and helping us test it out... to make sure all the bugs are worked out and to see if it's something others might be interested in using as well.

    Does anyone want to help us by trying out the site? Since we're just getting started I'm looking for 1-3 volunteers to check it out and give a little feedback.

    If you're interested, send me a note!
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    If I can help let me know.


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      Sign up didn't work for me. What ever I do I get this :
      {"message":"relation "users_seq_id" does not exist"}


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        OK so now it seems I am signed up but I can't get in lol. Let me know if you see something on your side of the site. I think that would be very nice for me to share with my far away French family.


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          Thank you so much Nini!! Let me send you a DM to ask a few questions.


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            I am keen to help you too.


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              I"ll try. This would be perfect for family far away!


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                Sounds very interesting. I'm willing if you still want help.