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    We just got a screaming deal on multi-day Disneyland Park-Hopper passes, and we're thinking we'll go for two consecutive days in November. The last time I was at either park was 2006, so I'm woefully out of date with what's good and what isn't, and even with what's changed over the past decade-plus, and I've never been to these parks during the holiday season. But I know that we've got people who are basically family at the House of Mouse, so let's have it: shower me with your recommendations. What's worth the wait and what's fine to skip? Where to eat, both sit down and on the go? What food items are not-to-miss (Dole Whip, for sure!)? Is a dining pass/plan worth the cost? Hidden gems, family favorites, and all that good stuff for Disneyland, Disney California Adventure. Thanks for helping me out!!

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    What days are you going? They will have the holiday stuff up by the 9th I believe. We went during the holiday season on our last trip and it was soooooo fun!

    As for food...In Disneyland, Carnation Cafe is always a MUST. We love their food and especially their fried pickles. Matterhorn Macaroons from the Jolly Holiday are amazing, and sooo cheap.
    The corn dogs from the Red Wagon are tasty, the turkey legs, and corn on the Cob at the Edelweiss Snacks are good.

    In California Adventure, we like Flo's for breakfast and The Pacific Wharf soup in breadbowls for lunch or dinner, if it is not too hot.

    I have always heard that the dining plan, if they even still offer it, isn't a good deal at Disneyland.

    I have so many other suggestions if you want me to keep going.
    ----- HILLARY -----


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      please, keep going. We're looking at going in late November. My kids have never been to a Disney park, so I appreciate any and all advice. They'll be 9 and 10.5 when we go.

    • Hillary
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      Late November, like after Thanksgiving?

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    It's been a couple years since we went- but we loved it!

    Food Musts:
    Dole Whip- duh!
    Ice Cream from Ghiradelli
    The corn dogs from the Red Wagon
    Cozy Cone is fun!

    Ride Musts:
    Radiator Springs Racers
    kids loved the Luigi cars & the tow-mater ride too!
    Splash Mountain
    Pirates of the Carribean

    now I'm totally drawing a blank- but I'll come back & edit if I thik of more!


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      #neverbeentoDisney LOL! One of those bucket-list items ... sounds like you might need more than just a few days, Carrie!


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        I know, right?!

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      Sorry - never been to Disneyland. I HAVE been to Disney World. Dining plan for us was totally worth it b/c we did a lot of character meals. It might be worth it if you're doing a lot of sit-down restaurants and/or character meals.