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  • Prime Day!

    Today is Amazon Prime Day!!! What are you watching/picking up?

    I got a few accessories for hubby's new car- wireless charger for our phones, sun shade for front window & a new portable phone charger (my last one kicked the bucket- but lasted forever!) I'm watching a deal right now for DD- 120 gel pens for $10! She loves gel pens & has already used up her 2nd costco set! lol!

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    We picked up a pair of shoes and a new smart sprinkler timer.
    ----- HILLARY -----


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      I picked up a Fire Stick for my mom for Christmas, a tricycle for my grandson for his birthday, and a small cross body bag for myself for vacation next week
      I have a keyboard in my cart for DS for Christmas and I'm still looking a bit. I got so frustrated over the site issues yesterday I had to just walk away lol.


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        I didn't know there as such a thing, but my MIL phoned me to tell me that I could get ALL 10 Anne of Green Gables books for £1! <3


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          I love Anne of Green Gables- I read them all when I was a kid!

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        I adore Anne of Green Gables.