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  • Videos with QR codes

    hello everyone,

    Since few years, I make a project life to document my evereyday life. But sometimes, I have short videos and I'm searching a way to add them to my pages.
    I know that I can create a QR code but I need a place to host my videos. I don't want to share them with all the world. So where can I find a place where I can keep them secret ?
    Thank you for your suggestions.

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    I am pretty sure you can host videos in Google Drive.
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      thank you for the suggestion, I will try

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    I upload mine to YouTube, but I upload them as unlisted. That way they are not just out there for the public


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      I use my google photos to get the link for the video. I have done some like Jan through youtube unlisted


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        well... I come back with my videos. I've uploaded my first video on my google drive, generate the link and have my QR code. it works well.

        but, now I've an other idea. I take too many pictures and even with a double page, I can't put all the pictures I want. but I will not make 4, 6 or 8 pages for just one day. yes, I know I can't make a choice with my photos.
        so now, I'm searching free software to create some slideshow.
        do you create slideshow ? and if yes, with what ?