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Today is Chocolate Pudding Day!

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  • Today is Chocolate Pudding Day!

    Public Service Announcement - Today is Chocolate Pudding Day!

    I didn't know that chocolate pudding had a day of it's own, but I'm told it does, and today is it!! OF COURSE I am going to celebrate a day like that!

    So we will probably have chocolate ice cream for pudding this evening. I think it is meant to be a cake sort of a pudding, but it is pretty hot here this week, so anything from the freezer makes up happy! What will you have? Do you have a favourite kind of chocolate, or pudding? If I had a chance to go shopping today, I would go and get some of the GU chocolate melting pudding - they are cake on the outside with melted chocoalte goooey stuff in the middle. Heaven in a little pot!

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    That’s a thing!?!?! Who knew? We’d probably go for chocolate pudding popsicles if we were to celebrate, as its supposed to be quite warm here today.

    I’m not much of a chocolate person, but I usually prefer dark over milk, especially if there’s a little hint of orange involved. As for pudding, I don’t know that I’ve ever eaten a British-style one. In the US pudding is creamy, like mousse, with no cake-like element (unless something has gone terribly wrong). What you described at the end there sounds like a lava cake. Those are amazing.
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      I think "pudding" in England is often just another way of saying "dessert" - especially to younger children! Officially a pudding would be a cake, a fairly dense one that is likely steamed/boiled/microwaved rather than baked in an oven (Christmas pudding for example!); but the pudding you describe sounds more like custard here (or maybe what we would call angel delight/instant whip - made with milk and eaten cold, that is kind of mousse-like). Don't the Dutch have pudding like that too?

      Chocolate Pudding day is international I think, so American pudding might be more correct than an English cake-style pudding! Either way, I'm going with the ice cream, today is hot here, so it will melt fast and be more like American pudding anyway!


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        Mmmm chocolate... I love chocolate... but it plays he** on my complexion.


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          Interesting. I think all of these 'National ___ Days' are so funny.

          As for a pudding treat, I wish that I could go back in time to my childhood when my mom used to make pudding pops (a pudding popsicle in case you don't know what it is) for us kids. Now i am not a fan of them, but they tasted so good back then.
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            Oh man, I missed it! I think I'm going to have to celebrate a little late!! Love chocolate pudding!