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    I just love getting to know all of you, and I am always wanting to know you a bit better... so... let's share some fun stuff about ourselves. On the blog every Friday, we've been learning about our designers, so let's learn more about each other, and any newer members of our little scrapbooking community! I mean, come on... we spend quite a bit of time 'together', right??

    So let's do this... I'll start!

    5 facts about me:
    1. I LOVE to travel (long trips, road trips, and everything in between), and whenever I'm home, I'm planning our next adventure.
    2. I'm a Jeep girl. I drive a gorgeous 2014 Jeep Unlimited (it's yellow, but not bright yellow - more of a mustard yellow) and there is NOTHING like driving with the top down on a beautiful sunny day...
    3. I work full time (four 10 hour days) as a Radiation Therapist and I work for Weight Watchers as a receptionist on Saturday mornings for a couple hours.
    4. I was unable, after trying for many many many years, to have my own children, but am wildly in love with my step children.
    5. I am a coffee addict. I drink it every single way there is... depending on my mood. I'll drink it hot or cold, black or sweetened, cream or no cream, and I even like those crazy sweet blended drinks!

    Okay.... now that you know a little more about me.... who's next?!
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    Fab Five
    1. I am a Registered Nurse and work a couple afternoons a week in the Dr office. I didn't want a stressful job after a 15 year leave of absence and only returned because of some changes in nursing regulations that require me to work to keep my licence.
    2. I am mom to 4 kids. We had lots of trouble with infertility too and we adopted a girl and then a boy - only to find out I was pregnant 4 months after adopting our son. So the boys are only 13 months apart. I then gave birth to a girl a few years after that. So we were married about 10 years before I experienced my first pregnancy.
    3. I am a fitness teacher and love to learn more about nutrition and all things fitness. I teach Zumba (both aqua and regular), Yoga, PiYo and Silver Sneakers.
    4. I collect music about the same way I collect fonts... addict to both
    5. I love warm sunny days and wish we had more of them in Idaho. I may need to move to a warmer climate someday


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      1. I also love travelling, took my first boat trip when I was 3 months old and flew solo from age 6 as an unaccompanied minor between South Africa and Germany.
      2. I drive a mommy van (corolla Verso) which I have had for 12 years. Now my daughter and I share her.
      3. I don't work outside of the home, but enjoy my hobbies and keep busy.
      4. I have three children here (and 2 in heaven) and 3 Siamese cats.
      5. I love my tea, orange tea with milk at least 5 cups per day, with 2l of water and latte's when I go out.


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        This is really fun! I love getting to know everyone better!

        1. I am a high school special education teacher and just finished up my 29th year teaching. That means that I am eligible for full retirement after next year. We will see where the finances take us, but I truly hope to retire soon and find my next career path
        2. I have 3 children, ages 27, 23, and 13 (2 boys, 1 girl). The older two are from my first marriage that lasted 12 years. The youngest surprise is named Chance because, having him at 40, I was really taking one. I feel like I have been raising children forever lol. I also have 2 biological grandchildren (1 boy, 1 girl) and an inherited granddaughter (my son's gf's daughter) who I love like my own...and I have a new granddaughter on the way in December.
        3. My dream is to move south to a nice quiet beach after retirement. I hate cold and snow...I've had enough for one lifetime.
        4. I drive a white 2015 Dodge Charger and I love it so much. It was my dream for a long time!
        5. I'm pretty much an extrovert who will talk to anyone, anywhere. I love to strike up conversations in checkout lines and have been known to dance my way through the grocery store, much to the dismay of my children at times LOL


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          wow you look fabulous for teaching 29 yrs.. good for you.. !!

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        I find these kinds of posts interesting too, but I usually find myself at a loss for what to include. The theme here seems to be car, job, kids and two more, so here goes nothin'....

        1. I had to surrender my beloved turbo diesel 'Rhino' last summer because it was one of those cars caught in that VW/Audi Dieselgate scandal. We lucked out with the buy-back and were able to pick a brand new (non-diesel) one off the line (it wasn't even finished being built yet when we put down a deposit on it!), and we finally got it last fall. We call her Nellie the Sea Dragon and we love her (and her good gas mileage). She seems very happy in the stable with her siblings the Coupe, the Shark, and the very creatively named Blue Car, and pastured associates the Unicorn, Blackjack the Mountain Jag-u-ar, and Smelly Cat (aka the not-Blue Car). Think we have enough? Me too. Yet for some reason I've had to put the kai-bosh on at least one new acquisition in the last few months.
        2. I am a meteorologist but I have never, ever been a weather girl on TV.
        3. I work from home and am torn as to whether this is a good thing or not.
        4. I have two kids (an 8.5 yo son and a 10 yo daughter), one husband and no pets (I'm dog people, he's cat people and neither of us wants to deal with pet hair).
        5. I'll take Jan's snow and cold if she promises to keep all the heat and humidity with her when she moves south.
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        • Kat Hansen
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          A meteorologist? I never knew!

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        LOVE this! Thanks everyone for taking the time to share! So fun reading all of them and can't wait to read more! xx


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          Oh! I totally missed this- but love these things!

          I'll go-
          1. I'm a dental hygienist- who loves candy! I work part-time (2 days/week) which I think is the perfect home/work/kids balance!!!
          2. I love my dog as much as my children- she's seriously our 3rd child & thinks she's a human. She's a 4 yr old English Bulldog.
          3. My favorite appliance is Robbie- our Roomba vacuum. I run Robbie everyday & he makes my "I HATE Sweeping" life much better! :D
          4. I am ADDICTED to 3 things: lip gloss, coffee & my phone. Sad but true!
          5. I still hand make paper cards- I just can't jump on the hybrid bandwagon- no matter how much pretty things Tanya creates! I'm a Stampin' Up girl.


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            I love those too, but I'm often at loss on what to include! Let's see...
            1. I work full time for our little town where I'm in charge of PR and communication. That means I write speeches for the mayor, organise events, keep the website up to date, write the town magazine, fun stuff like that!
            2. I'm a bit of the "original one" in my family because I've been with "The Man" since 17 years (in about two weeks) when almost all of my cousins and a majority of my mom's siblings (and my mom herself) are divorced.
            3. We don't have kids yet but we've been trying to conceive for a looooong time: in August it'll mark 10 years since I threw away my last Nuvaring.
            4. We have an outdoor dog (who is a lab-something mix, probably a kangaroo considering her energy level) and an indoor cat (who is a siamese-something mix and who was most definitely genetically-engineered by a vacuum company to make us buy more and more vacuums. He sheds like crazy, all. the. time)
            5. I'm half French, 1/4 Swiss, 1/8 Italian (and my family name is very italian) and 1/8 German. I lived in Switzerland until I was 22, met The Man online and moved to Alsace, which is a super flat land. Leaving my beloved Alps for here was kind of a geographical shock, believe me!


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              These are such fun to read! As for me...

              1. I was a dental nurse before I had children and will probably go back to that one day, I loved it!
              2. I love being a mum, but when my youngest starts school in Sept, I will dance a little happy dance all the way home! And then I will probably sit, and listen to ----nothing--- for a while!
              3. Our current car is a big black something or other for 7 people, it doesn't turn very well, and I find it hard to park in the skinny spaces that England seems to feel are adequate for the average car.
              4. I love my flip flops (Rocket dogs - most comfy things ever), but hate my toe nails!
              5. I get teary about all sorts of silly things - adverts on TV, sweet stories on fb, a chessy song on the radio - I get teary at all of them, and when my family ask me what has set me off, I can't tell them because my voice has gone all squeaky!


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                This is so fun I love learning a little bit more about everyone!!

                1. I am a boy mom first and foremost. We do sports 24/7 around here and from time to time (spring!) it takes over my life!
                2. I am currently obsessed with home decor and diy design. No spot in our house is safe :P
                3. I work full time at a local plant nursery and have been working there for 20 years, which throws people for a loop because I am 38! I am current;y deciding if I want to take an advertising position within the company. It is a dream come true, but a longer a tough decision!
                4. I am so happy it is summer. Fall is my favorite but summer time is a close favorite. Love making memories with my boys when they are home from school!
                5. I am slowly coming to grips that I have a 16 year old, and he only has two more years in high school. No one tells you how hard parenting is when your kids grow up!


                • Kat Hansen
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                  Good luck with the job decision!

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                Let's see ... five things about me ...

                1. I'm Australian - duh, many of you know that ... but after nearly 25 years in the U.S. I have the ability the flip-flop between and American and Australian accent ... kinda cool to confuse people
                2. I've never had any of your a-typical childhood diseases (chicken pox, mumps, measles) and I've never had a broken bone -- not one!
                3. I studied classical piano right up through Grade 11 in school (but then had to make a choice - piano or studying for graduation).
                4. I used to be a professional dog handler in the show ring (in Australia) -- weimeraners, dobermans, cocker spaniels, and boxers.
                5. I love public speaking.