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Summer eatin'!

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  • Summer eatin'!

    So our family can't get enough of BLT's, corn on the cob, watermelon, and of course anything on the grill! Do you have favorite 'summer' foods that you eat all summer long? Anything you get excited about?

    Any recipes you only make during the summer?

    Please share!

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    We grill a lot because who wants to turn on the oven when it’s hot out?!?!

    we do steamed corn on the grill, and lots of other grilled veggies and marinated meats. Occasionally I can talk my husband into grilling fruit too (especially peaches....yum!).


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      We use the grill a lot too! One of our faves is grilled pineapple. SO yummy! It goes really well with pork chops!

      Another summer fave is Chicken caesar Salad- dice up chicken breast- toss with our favorite yogurt caesar dressing & pour over romaine. SO easy, fast & yummy!


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        Another grilled pineapple fan here!


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          We just don't get the temperatures to worry about turning on the oven too much!


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            I'm getting a box from Hello Fresh tomorrow and then a box from Plated on Saturday so I think we'll be eating pretty good for a few days. These are part of my prize package from the NSD celebration. Thanks again. We got our box from Blue Apron last weekend and really enjoyed it. Normally we do lots of grilling in the summer as well. I don't like to turn the oven on. I need to experiment with my instapot more. I got one for Christmas. I like the few things I have made in it but I still haven't played with it enough to feel very comfortable with it. If any of you have fav recipes that you instapot, I'd love to hear them.


            • Heidi Nicole
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              How cool! I've never tried those boxes, but I've been very tempted!

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            We also love to grill in the summer! I hate turning the oven on for any reason lol. One of my kids' favorites is to make our own pizzas and then grill them instead of baking!


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              We grill all year long here in Ontario, only because we keep the one BBQ in the garage. I do prefer to grill in the summer tho, nothing like sitting on the back deck with an ice cold drink smelling the smell of the grill as it cooks my food.
              We too love grilled veggies, and all meats. I have never tired to make corn on the cob on the grill, does anyone wanna share the basics of how you do it. Like do you soak it and how long do you cook it for?
              Mmmmm now my mouth is watering for some grill... at 745am.


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                Chili Lime Chicken with Pineapple salsa - all made on the grill - we could literally eat that everyday and die happy, lol!

                created using gorgeous goodies from creashens


                • Jheri
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                  can you share your pineapple salsa recipe? this meal sounds amazing.

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                It all sounds amazing!