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Beards and the royal wedding?!

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  • Beards and the royal wedding?!

    Tomorrow is the wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle , and there is quite a bit of excitement about it where I live! There are all sorts of opinions about what her dress will be like, and what Kate will wear, who will be walking Megan down the aisle (and most importantly - were Mike and Harvey invited to the wedding!?). There are various factiods about weddings in general, and royal weddings too. One that caught my attention, is that if Prince Harry wants to wear his military uniform, he has to shave off his beard. You cannot wear military dress uniform to be married in if you have a beard. Is that true all over the world? And what would you go for, the clean shaven man in a uniform, or the bearded man in a suit?!
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    I don’t know about the Brits, but the standard rules for the American military say no beards in uniform, any uniform, period. There are some exceptions - special ops guys who need the beards to blend in when deployed, and the “beard waiver” that is sometimes given to guys who can prove that shaving causes medical problems, and sometimes for religious purposes.

    My man in uniform was nearly always clean shaven, and even now that he doesn’t wear the uniform anymore, he tends to eschew the beard. It bugs him that there’s a lot of gray in his beard.

    Who are Mike and Harvey?


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      Mike and Harvey are her co-stars from Suits.

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      Hillary. Thanks. Obviously I am woefully lagging in the pop culture department.

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    Oooh I am so excited for the wedding!

    ​​​​​​I saw a Instagram picture of Gabriel Macht's (Harvey) wife in London and it said that he would be coming later. I also saw a post of Patrick Adams (Mike) and his wife in London, so I would guess that they are invited. Donna, Jessica, and Louis are there too, it is like a Suits reunion.

    I wondered if he would shave his beard too. I figured he would though, not because of royal tradition, but because of his Military status. Be prepared for him to look quite a bit younger though if he does shave. LOL
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      My mom and I had this conversation this afternoon. She said she really hopes he shaves the beard. I like it, but totally understand why he would need to shave it for the wedding. Mom was telling me her mom waking her up to listen to Queen Elizabeth's wedding on the radio when she was about 9 years old.


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        Wow what a cool memory- especially how different we 'watch' now vs then!

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      LOL @ Mike & Harvey. We watch that show & hubby is pissed at her (thinks she ditched the show to become a princess- my argument is of course she did- who wouldn't!?)

      I have a bearded man- grew it out when he was on paternity leave when we had our 1st born & hasn't shaved it off since! It's starting to get some gray & that bugs him, but I don't think he'll go clean shaved any time soon! I vote for bearded with suit!


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        I always think of my Dad as having a beard, I think he often had a beard when I was growing up, but he says he shaved it off every summer!

        I am glad her suits friends are coming coming to the wedding! And yes, who wouldn't give up acting to be a princess!?!


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          So what did you think?
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            awww, we loved it! He didn't shave his beard, and did wear his uniform, so I guess if you are a prince, you get some leeway! But we loved her dress, and even more the veil - so pretty! Loved the way they seemed so sweet together, and that he got a bit emotional! There were quite a few American touches to the wedding, which seemed very fitting! And I live in Sussex, they are now the Duke and Duchess of Sussex - lucky me! I thought her "wow!" when they finished the long walk (they rode in the carriage), and went into the entrance of Windsor castle (and I guess she thought they were no longer being filmed!) - was funny and sweet too!

            What did you think?


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              I loved it, we had champagne and cupcakes and watched the whole thing.
              She looked fabulous.
              Loved that the Suits folk were all there as well as his aunt Sarah.
              I loved that one could see Meghan's influence and hope that they will be blessed and happy together.


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                Well, DD and I watched a couple of highlights reels yesterday evening. It WAS lovely. What most captured my attention, aside from those strange flappy things on the front of PH's coat, was they way he kept looking at her, like she was the only thing he had eyes for. Lucky girl.