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  • Anyone Been to Seoul?

    Y'all were so great about helping me plan my trip to London, Paris, and Amsterdam, that I thought I'd come back and ask about Seoul. My husband has a business trip to Seoul in August and he's willing to take Zach (my 12 year old) and I along IF we can find enough things to do to make the airline tickets "worthwhile". I've tried the Trip Advisor, and honestly I'm not coming up with some concrete ideas. Has anyone been? Know of something we should do? I'd love any input I can get!!

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    I have!

    Hubby being Korean and all lol. But he is from Busan (actually no because he is from far more countryside than that but his family has been in Busan since he was in elementary school I think).
    Let me see if I can remember the names properly. If not I'll come back after I made a Google search or check the big travel sites lol

    There is one tea house I really like to recommend to anyone visiting Seoul. I just need to find the info on the internet because I don't speak Korean or read it well and I always let hubby or my friends do the guide. Therefore I can never remember the name. Oops.

    - Changdeokgung Palace

    - Gyeongbokgung Palace

    - Korean Folk Museum of Korea.

    - Famous markets like Namdaemun Market (Great South Gate Market) or Dongdaemun (East MArket)
    I haven't been to Seoul's fish market but I've been to Busan's and it's an amazing festival of colors. Lots of weird fishes and other things I wouldn't dare put in my mouth but it is really fun to look and go through the isles.

    The big tourist street with a lot of traditional shops is nice too : Insadong. That is where you have to go to go to the nice tea house I am talking about.
    I think this is the one but I will try to have a look with hubby in Korean and find more pictures that will help me pick the right spot.
    Looking at the map it does seem to be like the place I remember, a small street perpendicular to Insadong. Will try to check after NSD crazyness. It's been 15 years (since our wedding in Korea and my memories are fuzzy because I was so tired with all the translating back and forth with my family and hubby, also the wedding crazyness of course lol)

    There was also an amazing Samgyetang (ginseng stuffed chicken soup) restaurant not far from the palace.
    Because I don't eat spicy food that was my to go meal lol! I looove samgyetang!!

    All right, that's all I can remember. We've been to a restaurant serving traditional palace food but I can't remember the name nor the place. They served the dinner not on a tray but by bringing the filled table to use with tons of plates and dishes!!! We could also see a traditional music show while eating. Will try to get info from hubby. That was really cool!!!


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      Oh my goodness ninigoesdigi You are amazing. Absolutely amazing. Thank you so very much!!!!

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    I’ve been to Seoul! We used to take the bus from Songtan - 8-10 hour day trips just to go to Chili’s or Bennigan’s....ah, those were the days. I’ve been to the War Museum and to Itaewon (shopping!), and we had an exceptionally fun time one afternoon on the swan boats on the Han River.

    We did some other cool things while we were there too (South Korea is like the size of Indiana, if memory serves), a day trip to climb Sorak-san (supposedly the best views in Korea but it was foggy, so we couldn’t confirm or deny, but we did get to visit the “38th Parallel Resort Area,” and put our our toes in the chilly Sea of Japan) and another day trip to Panmunjom (holy moly, the most dangerous golf course in the world plus the prospect of getting to actually, technically set foot in a North Korea). And E-mart. That was an adventure in itself. Walmart + Best Buy + Sears + a car dealership and a great food court, plus, like, go-go dancers directing traffic in the parking lot. Fun times.
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