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    Any runners/walkers in the house??

    What is one song you HAVE to have on your playlist. I'm trying to freshen up my playlist for a couple races coming up.

    If you don't run, what's a song you love that has a good beat?

    I like all genres!

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    Walker here.. and it may sound silly ... but what keeps me on that treadmill is Adam Lambert's album Original High


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      hmm, I don't know if this will be too slow (I am not a jogger!), and it is not exactly up to date either, but it makes me keep moving!
      Can't stop the feeling! - Justin Timberlake


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        I don't run but when I walk and if I am in a quiet place far from everything and everybody I listen to my iPhone on speaker and play Queen, or like last time Pink te he he.
        I don't have a specific song in mind. It just depends on my mood and since I walk for a long distance I just keep the album running.


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          I'm a speed walker, but not a runner. I'm so bad because I love 80's movies and musicals while I'm walking on the treadmill! My kids make fun of me when I sing along to Grease - especially when I turn around and walk backwards or sideways which is my form of "dancing" on the treadmill!


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            meanies! I think I'd do the same, although I'm more likely to sing along to Greatest Showman at the moment!