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    It's been awhile since we've done one of these! So, here we go!

    Fave Book:
    Fave Song:
    Fave Spring activity:
    Fave Show:

    ...or whatever you want to share! I'll start...
    Book: All the Missing Girls
    Song: Thunder by Imagine Dragons
    Spring activity: Running (without having to layer like crazy!)
    Fave Show: I have so many! The Good Doctor and Bull are 2 of my faves right now... and I just freaking got started binging on The Walking Dead! (I think someone from here told me to watch it... and they were NOT wrong!) Lol!
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    I'll play!

    Fave Book: Just finished The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin- it was really different than what I usually read & I actually enjoyed it!
    Fave Song: Woman by Kesha
    Fave Spring activity: Yard work- seeing plants pop up is so fun!
    Fave Show: Bull is one of our favorites too! I really like This is Us


    • Kat Hansen
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      I haven't watched a single episode of This is Us - then again, I didn't watch Game of Thrones, either, when it was the hot show.

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    Love Bull too and am happy that Chicago Med is back.
    Not reading or listening to songs/podcasts.
    No spring here, still waiting for rain.


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      Fave Book: The Hills Is Lonely by Lilian Beckwith
      Fave Song: going for what my daughter calls an oldie - Perfect by Pink
      Fave Spring activity: hmm, seeing my littlest one having fun with puddles - although I am ready to move into sunshine weather now!
      Fave Show: I haven't really got a good one right now


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        Fave Book: Not reading anything right now
        Fave Song: No Excuses by Meghan Trainor
        Fave Spring activity: Not really Spring yet - too cold and wet ... but I did put up my bird feeder, so it's fun watching and listening to the birds
        Fave Show: Call the Midwife or The Magicians or The Walking Dead ... all different genres!

        Heidi Nicole -- are you starting right at the beginning with TWD or just jumping in with this season?


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          Fave Book: To Die But Once, Jacqueline Winspear
          Fave Song: I Wish I Knew You, The Revivalists
          Fave Spring activity: Ha Ha Ha. What is spring? It’s still 10 degrees and snowing.
          Fave Show: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel


          • corrin
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            laughing so hard at "hahahah what is spring..." - we just keep getting teased, we have a day of spring looking sunshine, and then days of grey and cold again - it is so frustrating, but it must be worse for you!

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          I love these games!

          Fave Book: I'm re-reading the entire Nocturnal Falls series by Kristen Painter
          Fave Song: I don't have a favorite one - just anything on The Message satellite station is great!
          Fave Spring Activity: Being able to eat outside again at our favorite restaurants!
          Fave Show: Right now it's Call the Midwife