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    I just recently got back from a 10 day vacation in Moab, Utah. I have TONS of photos... lots of scenery and landscape. I know that I will scrapbook some of these photos, especially the ones with my family and friends in them... but what does everyone do with all the other photos they take?

    I haven't printed and added to a 'normal' photo album in years... but, that's what I'm thinking. I will definitely get some printed to hang in my home, as well...

    Any other creative thoughts? What do you do with all of your photos that don't make it to a scrapbook?

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    This is a question that I have struggled with in the past. Let's face it, when we go to Disneyland there are always sooooo many pictures that get taken. I have scrapped two Disneyland trips. The first one I picked the best pictures and had a 20 page book printed. I wasn't unhappy with it, until I scrapped the next book. While I was scrapping the second book, Shutterfly started having their Unlimited pages sale and I thought, "You know what, I am going to scrap everything that I want so that my book is a more complete record of the trip.". I scrapped soooo many things and ended up with a 71 page book, that I couldn't be happier with.

    So that is one way you could go with your Moab trip. I know that most of it is probably scenery pictures #BecauseMoab, but I imagine a lot of those pics would make amazing full pages.
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      I totally thought about doing that! (scrapping all of it) There are some stunning photos... #becauseMoab That's what I might just do! Thanks for that perspective... I definitely want something I'll be happy with!

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    You could totally print the photos out in just plain photobooks- like super simple grid designs or even full page 5x7 or something books. That way you can still look at them & enjoy them, and often times those products go on sale & aren't too much $$

    I can't say that I've done anything of the sort though- they live on my hard drive or in a fb album!


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      The Shutterfly Unlimited pages sale is awesome! They usually pair it with a 40% off code and you can use free book codes too. My 71 page book seriously only cost $8.20, and $7.99 of that was shipping.

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    Shutterfly or a place like that has simple Gallery Designs for their photo books. Your scenic photos could be made into a coffee book!