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Spring Break plans?

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  • Spring Break plans?

    Anyone have Spring Break coming up?? If so, do y'all have any fun plans?? I have 4 kids and they have 4 different Spring Breaks. That means we aren't doing much of anything so I'd love to live vicariously through y'all's lives!! What are y'all up to year?

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    I’m working, but my kids are going to a fun STEM camp. How’s that for exhilarating?


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      I love Spring Break - everyone leaves and my commute is great Oh, bring on the summer break ... even better.


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        We just booked here with Friends:

        We can't wait!!


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          My hubby and I are surprising our 3 kids with a trip to Myrtle Beach! They have no idea! We've never been to the beach or really been able to take a vacation, but we're finally at that point so it's super exciting. I can't wait!


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            My hubby usually has to work, but my office closes for Spring break. Usually the kids & I head over to my mom's house (6 hr drive) for a few days. I'm not sure if we're going this year though- with Easter the weekend at the beginnning of their break, and sports at the end weekend, we might have to go midweek. :/


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              We are looking into going to Bear Lake with my family for the weekend, but we haven't completely decided that we are for sure doing that yet. If we don't I might have to set up some sort of trade agreement with the gypsies , or I might have to take up drinking because these kids of mine are driving me crazy.

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                oh, sounds like they need to go to STEM camp with my kids.

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              We have are spring break the 26th to the 30th and I haven't come up with anything to do with the kiddos. I need to do because they drive me bonkers with just one day at home lol. Well, my son does its horrible having to play at home and not have tv or electronic time


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                UGH - I hear you - I have four in school including hubby - but we only have two spring breaks - I think we might take a weekend trip over to the coast though - just to get out for a bit.

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