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    So, I'm sitting here at the car dealership (probably for the next couple of hours), and thinking, wow, as a [now] single person, I need a more exciting life. This weekend is going to be rain (just started) both days with 2" or more in the forecast ... and what do I have planned? Um, car work, grocery shopping, and cleaning. Like, seriously?!

    Someone else jump in and tell me what exciting plans they have so I can live vicariously through you!!

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    Well, it's 14 degrees and snowing here, so we're staying in and doing house stuff. I'm painting an accent wall/alcove above the gas insert/faux fireplace for the second time in the last month or so (struggling to find the right color), and in a different room painting over an accent wall to make it the same color as the rest of the room. Once I get that second one done and it dries, I can hang some curtains that I got a few weeks back.

    I also got a shipment of pressed tin ceiling tiles yesterday. DH bought the wood to build the frame that we need to mount them into the tray ceiling in our dining room. They're shiny silver right now, and I think that I need to paint/distress them, but have to figure out how to do that and what I want the finished product to look like. Sigh.


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      Hahaha, I'm SO not the right person to live through if you're looking for a more exciting life. I'm the most ermit-ey person you can imagine! My weekend consisted of grocery shopping too, giving meds to my cat who had dental surgery done on Friday, watching "The Voice" and series, and a migraine to finish it with a not-so-happy note. The most exciting thing that happened was hosting a "flybingo" on my FlyLady group. Yeah, I know! LOL


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        Our weekend was exciting- but only because of our kids! The only reason we have an active social life is through them right now! I swear our only friends with their friends' parents! The village so to speak!

        We were down in Moscow (Idaho, not russia!) for a hockey tournament for my little 6 yr old son. Gosh they are just SO cute & fun to watch! Even though it was just an hour & a half away from home, we decided to get a hotel for the weekend & ate out at fun restaurants- so that was fun & different!

        This next weekend- you might not want to live through me- we are continuing our 'declutter' phase & staying in since we spent a lot of $$ last weekend!


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          Hubby and I had date night on Friday night while the Kids were at an event at their Karate school. Crafts, Birthday Parties, Homework and Packing. I am getting some scrapping done too!


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            I'm headed out on vacation on Thursday! We're going to Orlando to do all things Disney. I'm super excited as it's been 15 (or more) years since I was there!