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    I have a couple trips coming up and my hubby bought me a really cool travel journal last year. So, what better time to start filling that baby up?! I've found lots of ideas and journal prompts on Pinterest, but I'd like to hear from you guys! Does anyone create travel journals (or have you in the past)? Any suggestions on making it simple and what supplies to absolutely have and what to leave home? Anything you regret not adding to your travel journal?

    Photos would be pretty awesome too!

    Have a great day, friends!

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    I have never done a travel journal, but I love the idea!


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    The only travel journals I did were simply records of what happened each day. I collected some memorabilia but I added that to my photo albums rather than the journals.


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      I have tried travel journals and I just don't keep up with them while we are traveling... mostly because I am afraid of messing it up (and there's no un-do... I was never a good paper scrapper for this exact reason). So, on last road trip we took, I printed out a bunch of journal cards and I jotted stuff down while on the road. A few I re-wrote afterwards before they went in the album. But most went in the album as is.... it worked great for me. I was able to capture things as they happened... record silly conversations, impressions of the sites visited, songs on our playlist, etc.