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Superbowl anyone?

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  • Superbowl anyone?

    Anyone else watching the Superbowl tomorrow? While I'm super SUPER bummed the Vikings aren't in the Superbowl we're still watching the big game tomorrow. I'm not a big football fan, BUT I love the excitement of the Superbowl AND I love the commercials during the game. The commercials are my favorite part of the game actually. Shhh. Don't tell anyone! We're having a few friends over for the game and I've spent my day organizing the house and I'm happy to say it looks awesome. I love when we have people over and I am forced to have the whole house clean at one time ... not just one room at a time. LOL!

    Anyway ... I digress. Who else here is watching the big game tomorrow? Anyone else having a party?
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    Nope and no. We’re going skiing.


    • Kat Hansen
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      A coworker is doing the same thing - headed to the slopes for the day.

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    We are watching and hosting. I would rather scrap but I didn't have a vote! :/


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      I'll be watching. Like you, I'm super bummed the Vikings aren't in it this year. Was really hoping they could play (and win) the Super Bowl at home.

      Not having a party but I am making special food: homemade Chex Mix for a snack and Juicy/Jucy Lucys for dinner.


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        We're going to a friends house- they have kids the same age- so we adults can have a good time without having 'bored' kids! I am in charge of desserts- so we have brownies (with green sprinkles for the Eagles) and Popcorn crack (popcorn, drizzled with green melting chocolate & green/brown/white sprinkles!)


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          I'll be watching and, against my better judgement, rooting for the Eagles. Trust me, as a Redskins fan, that was hard to say!! However, while the Patriots might be a good team, I think it's about time that someone else won.


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            So, the Superbowl is over. Eagles win ... but who, in your mind (if you watched) won the battle of the commercials? I laughed SO HARD at the Eli Manning and Odell Beckham, Jr. commercial of them getting ready for next year. I mean, so uncoordinated, but Lord ... and if you missed it, here --


            • shelbelle
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              I loved that one. For laughs, that was the best ad though I giggled at the Wendy's ad and the Ram am featuring Vikings. For emotional impact, I loved the Toyota ad that featured Paralympians.

            • AmieN1
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              Pretty sure that one was our favorite! Or the fact that they kept replaying the trick play where brady couldn't catch- that was pretty funny too!