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Grandparent names?

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  • Grandparent names?

    I saw this somewhere else & thought it was so cool how different every family is! It's just crazy to me how names sort of 'happen' either from inability to pronounce as little kids or what they chose to be called by!

    What do you call your grandparents/kids' grandparents by?

    In my family- I at one point had 9 grandparents alive! My dad's side we always called them Nanny & Papa. My Nan's mom was Great Grandma Leeila. My Mom's Parents were just Grandma first name & Grandpa first name (step) and Grandpa first name & for some reason we never called his wife by anything other than her first name! I even had a Great Grandpa (first name) & Great Grandma (first name.)

    My kids call my husband's parents Papa first name (his mom & dad are Grandpa/ma (last name)) & Grandma firstname (her parents are GG (1st name.)) My parents (divorced) are: Grandma 1stname & Papa first name and Papa T & Grammie 1st name.

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    My parents are Grandma & Papa, and Nick's parents are Grammy & Papa Fred. When my grandma was still alive she was Great Grandma Lola.

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      My kids call my parents Grandma and Grandad (he forced a name change when his oldest grandchild was just a couple of months old ... my mom wanted him to be called Grandpa, which is what we called my mom’s dad, but my dad was not cool with that and wanted to be called Grandad, which is what we called his dad when I was a kid). They call my husband’s parents Oma and Opa (Dutch words for grandma and grandpa). We also have a set of hanai (adopted) ‘grandparents’ (‘cause you can never have too many grandparents, IMO) whom we call Tutu and Papa (informal Hawaiian words for grandma and grandpa). My kids also have Great Grandmother (hubby’s grandmother). My favorite was my FIL’s grandmother (I never met her) who was called Gros-Mama (German, I think). When we started calling my MIL Oma, her mother in law got renamed Oma-riginal (she’d been gone for several years by then). The only mispronounced one we have was one of my dad’s grandmothers; she was called Ganya.


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        Gros-Mama (German, I think
        yes but it´s only Oma. I don´t know the tradition to call Oma (grandma) or Opa (grandpa) with names. they are on both sides (father and mother) just Oma and Opa. And if you don´t know which one the kid mean, you say "Oma from Ma" or "Oma from Dad" *loool*
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          We have Pamie and Pops for my parents - my mum felt too young when her first grandchild arrived to be Grandma, so after a few suggestions (like Noni - not sure where she got that idea, but it didn't stick!), we went with Pamie. The funny thing is that we, their children, call my dad Pops rather than anything else now. It suits him, and he likes it!

          my husband's parents are Grandma & Grandad, and the only great Grandparent was called Nana Carmen (first name).

          it is funny how names come about though, we know an Oma and Grandad, and an Opi (grandad, I guess it game from Opa, but is definitely an i on the end!).
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            That's what I think is so interesting- how sometimes they just 'happen'

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          My Father was always Opa to my children, the German version. My mother was Granny and hubby's father was GrandDad Jack. If his Mom had still been alive she would have been called Nanna.