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New year... New PLANNER!

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  • New year... New PLANNER!

    Anyone else get excited when the new year rolls around and they get to get a new planner?

    I'm a list maker and organizer and planner... and I LOVE all the fun planner stuff out there! I've had the Me and My Big Ideas planner, but I like just finding a ring bound planner/calendar that fits in my purse. I like to get new colored pens and stickers.

    What about you??

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    I was never a planner person ... until I started my current job almost three years ago. Before, it was random post-it notes, or lined cards, and I would scribble things down and cross them out once done. Now I have a week-at-a-glance planner (just something that I picked up at CVS pharmacy), and I can't live without it!! Everything goes in there ... ev-ery-thing!! Hair appointments, car service, bills due, work, CT assignments ... I still cross everything off when I'm done with a task (makes me feel like this ===> ), and I've found a silver Sharpie pen that doesn't bleed through the paper, which is great.

    Now, ask me to use the calendar or reminders on my phone ... Yeah, no. I have to write it down, cross it off.


    • Heidi Nicole
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      I'm the same way! I LOVE to cross things off my list!

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    I am a paper person when it comes to this too, gotta write it down and then tick it off! I don't have a planner, just a diary, and then a notebook for my lists!


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      I saw the cutest polka dot planner last year and I almost bought it. I love writing lists and crossing things off, but I can't do the planner thing, just post-its, and notebook papers for me.
      ----- HILLARY -----


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        I use a planner and google calendar for work to keep track of meetings and the time I’ve spent on tasks and projects. I used to use a week at a glance Day Runner, but got annoyed at the cost of refills and now use a pocket sized week at a glance notebook from the darkest corner of the office department at Target.

        We also still have a pretty wall calendar in the kitchen for family commitments and events. It’s from Target too.


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          I thought my little geeky heart would never need paper... until last year when I realised that my need for paper was totally proportional to my level of stress! LOL I then remembered the idea of bullet journaling I once saw, looked into it and after a couple days I was totally convinced. I've got one bullet journal for work and one for personal stuff and it's been a lifesaver. I create it myself, it's not pre-printed so I don't follow a yearly rythm: I get a new one when the previous notebook is full. The first personal one lasted for 14 month and I just started the second one in September. I still haven't finished the first professional one!

          Here's the creator's video if you're interested about this concept!


          • Kat Hansen
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            Chloe, I've seen this before ... I don't know, it seems complicated!

          • chloe
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            Kat Hansen It's definitely not! It takes me 5 minutes tops to prepare for the week, and about as much to prepare for the month. And most of this time is used reviewing my goals, my to-do lists, etc. Looooots of bullet journalers have fancy, decorated journals but I'm staying true to the simple, minimalistic original approach. Once you get the basic principles, it's a very adaptative (and hence simple if you want it that way!) system.

            The key ideas are to use the index with the numbered pages to create order in that sorta chaos, to create it yourself by hand (the act of writing gives you a few extra seconds to reflect on what you're writing) and to add to the "closest" timed page. For example if on Monday I make an appointement for Friday, I'll write it in my weekly page, if I make it for the next week I'll write it in my monthly page, and if it's for next month or later, I'll write it in the future log. Once you catch that... you're good to go!

            What I love about it is that it's very freeing: you can't go wrong because there's always a new blank page to do better.