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  • Extreme Couponing?

    So I was channel surfing this morning and came across a show called Extreme Couponing ... seen it before, but now I'm sitting here like I mean, I coupon to get a few bargains here and there ... but seriously, who needs 50 tubes of toothpaste?! Now, those that are doing this and putting together care packages for the troops, or donating to their church - that's cool. I do wonder though, is it the thrill of the challenge, or do they really USE the products they're buying, e.g., packs of diapers and they don't have a baby or toddler. Some people got started because they or their spouse lost their job ... and others seem to do this to have a stockpile as a 'just in case' they lose their job ... not sure that I could give over an entire basement, garage, or rooms in a house to that ...

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    I shop at Costco so that we don’t have to worry about running out of toothpaste or toilet paper. But I draw the line at buying things we no longer need (I can’t be the only person who did a happy dance on the day she no longer had to buy diapers).

    I went through a coupon phase (nothing even remotely close to what those extreme folks do) but got away from it because the coupons that came in the Sunday paper were mostly for stuff we didn’t (and still don’t) eat. Our local King Soopers (Kroger) does personalized coupons based on what you buy (when you use a loyalty card), and those are fantastic!!! Coupons for fresh veggies!


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      I think it becomes an addiction of sorts. The thrill and adrenaline rush. I don't have the patience to dumpster dive and knock on doors to get all the coupons and then stand in line with carts and carts full of stuff. Not for me


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        Kiana I know! Some of them, literally, spend 4-6 hours in the grocery store for just one trip!! I'm more like a "I've got my list, in and out of the store" kind of shopper!


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          It must be the thrill of it, 4-6hours in a store - my mind boggles!!


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            Those shows are ridiculous! I totally agree- I rarely buy something JUST because I have a coupon for it! I'm with Carrie that the things we normally eat- never have coupons- unless it's like my safeway card where it gives me discounts on what I NORMALLY buy. Crazy thought!? Also we were just talking about the ads that have all the fast food restaurant coupons, but never the good restaurants that we actually go to!?