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Hurricanes and fires - everyone ok?

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  • Hurricanes and fires - everyone ok?

    I am safely sitting in my home in England, and the news is full of the disasters in Montana and Florida, so I wondered, has anyone been affected by the forest fires, or the hurricane? I hope you are all ok!

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    We are good other than the smoke from all of the fires in the western US.

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      My sister lives in Miami, but "luckily" had already planned to be out of town (and far, far away) last weekend. She only lost the food in her refrigerator and freezer, and had no damage to her condo or stuff. I feel lucky that we didn't have to worry about her safety.

      We've had smoke from those Montana fires hanging out over the Front Range for the past week and a half. Luckily we've gotten a little rain in the last couple of days though, so the air is starting to clear a little.


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        that is good news! Losing just the food in your fridge doesn't sound too bad at all


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          I live in the greater Houston area and there are some friends of mine that live within 15 miles of me who were affected but it's patches of areas. I felt incredibly lucky to not flood and also never lose power. Grocery shopping was a little concerning for the following week as it took 15-20 minutes to be allowed into the store and most stores were out of milk, eggs and bread for several days. You really had to hunt for those items. But everything has returned to normal for me at least. I know there are some homes STILL under water and a lot more work ahead of us.



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            Glad you are ok Meagan, the pictures of empty shelves in the shops were so strange (and worrying) to see!