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Christmas in July help!!

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  • Christmas in July help!!

    We have decided to have a Christmas in July this coming Saturday for the family and I need ideas for food. I have never had a hot Christmas meal ever as it is usually heatwave for Christmas here so we have cold meats and salads etc. I bought a home smoked ham today and will glaze this with pineapple, orange and cloves. I need some Christmassy ideas for vegetables and a dessert. (I can't find a Christmas pudding anywhere here.) My partner just wants something with hot custard????

    Any help greatly appreciated :-)

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    We do a Hawaiian luau feast for Christmas because I can't cook a decent roast beef. That involves fresh pineapple, coconut cake, and a simple lettuce salad with a pineapple ginger or ginger sesame dressing. Sometimes we do barely steamed carrots (I like them more crunchy and less boiled) and then drizzle them with homemade teriyaki sauce.

    My neighbors in Texas used to do enchiladas for Christmas, and a big ol' chocolate layer cake for dessert (I don't think they bothered with veggies aside from maybe a bagged salad).