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    I think I posted awhile back about our epic summer- Yellowstone, Mt. Rushmore, Badlands- six-state road trip!!! We leave NEXT Saturday morning!!! We're all super excited!

    Now my kids are pretty good road traveler's since we frequent the 6 hour drive to my mom's house at least every few months. We will only have one day of road travel longer than that (one of the last days on our way home) but I'm worried that all their usual activities will be old news by then! They both can watch the DVD player, play with toys, read/nap fairly well- but I'm want to do some other fun things since this is not just a typical trip over the mountains to grandma's house.

    I was thinking of making up a few fun road games (scavenger hunt, abc eye spy, etc.) Thoughts? Suggestions?

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    Awhile back I made and laminated i-Spy cards, and a little tic-tac-toe board that they could write on with dry erase markers that went over well (and still live in my car). My kids also spent lots of time drawing and making up very convoluted imaginary games on our last road trip (a big ~3,500 mile loop from Denver to San Francisco and back, with the Grand Canyon and the Oregon coast in between.....and we don't allow the DVD players unless the drive is over 5 hours, and then this last trip they only were allowed to watch one movie per day.....'cause I'm mean like that).

    Maybe license plate bingo? Magnetic travel games? Mad Libs?


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      I found some fun printables that I will laminate! Since we'll be in such touristy places- I think the license plate game would be fun too!

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    On long car trips with my girls, we used to make up stories with each person contributing a sentence etc. They always loved this game as everyone can join in.


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      Have a great time! I was going to suggest the license plate game too!


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        We love audiobooks in the car. It seems to keep everyone entertained, adults included!