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  • Adventurous or responsible?

    Ok so here it is. My hubby and I are both contractors in web design or development... we always work remotely for our clients. So occasionally we go on long road trips because we can take our work with us. We were tentatively planning another such trip starting in a couple of weeks... we'd be on the road for maybe 7 weeks. But... work has sorta dried up for both of us, and we don't have any prospects in the pipeline... so money has become an issue. We're also wanting to try another round of IVF to try to have a baby come October... and that's a fairly decent expense.

    The adventurous, free spirited side of me says "Go on the trip... the universe has a tendency to have things work out... maybe we'd even find clients on the road!"

    The responsible side of me says "Stay home, work hard, put in extra hours to get some stuff rolling... and put off a trip like this until next year, or when things are a little more secure.

    I hate approaching life with a "maybe someday we'll do that"... because as we all know... "someday" doesn't always come around, or gets continually pushed off.

    Do I trust the universe to have things work out, and still go on the trip... or do we hunker down and save as much as we can and plan for maybe next year.

    Decisions decisions.

    I guess the question that I'd be curious what others thought is not really about money... but rather about the bigger picture of life... should you go for what you really want to do even if circumstances aren't ideal... or do you play it safe?

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    I have always been the "play it safe" person my whole life Shannon. I am beginning to realize though now that THREE kids will be in either college or graduate school that I played it TOO safe. I can honestly say I have many regrets about not grabbing life and just enjoying the moments. Because of that, life with my eleven year old is changing already. I'm learning that TIME is more important than many things, and that taking a little risk is actually fun!


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      I believe in the quote "Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity" so I am always planning and preparing for the future. It may take longer to get what I want or go on that trip, than it would if I were being spontaneous, but I have found that being prepared makes the experience, trip, etc that much better because I can simply enjoy it instead of worrying about other things. I can not enjoy myself if I am worried about the universe coming through for me. I can only be spontaneous about small things. LOL


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        Difficult decisions. For me it would depend on what the trip is. If it is something you have been dreaming of and planning for a long time then I'd go ahead and do it. But if it is just "another trip" which would be nice to do then I'd probably leave it for later and put the time into working hard. I'm sure you will be successful either way. :-)


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          I would delay the instant gratification (the trip) for the long term gratification(the baby?) but we know there are no hard and fast rules and truly often times things work out the way they were meant to. We put off so many things for when the kids were older but travelling, making memories and having experiences are priceless and easier without babies and toddlers.
          So no help from me either, I am afraid.


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            Tough choices! I'm a play it safe kid of gal - but I don't think that's always the way to go. You'd hate to put it off, but I'd probably be boring and stay back to save money for the IVF. Then again ... you will probably have a baby next year and then it may be more difficult to travel - so that side says to go for it! I guess it just depends if you can really enjoy yourself if you're worrying about $ or something. I know I'm a worrier so I'd probably take the more conservative route. Boring, right?
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              I am more of a play it safe type, but would still see if I could manage a bit of travelling if that is something you had been looking forward to. Maybe try a shorter trip, which would hopefully be less $$, and do this particular trip another time. But that is me, I am not really much of a travelling type!


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                I always feel I have toed the line all my life - my thoughts are adventurous but my actions have been thought through and sensible and well... boring. So I encourage my kids now to be free and adventurous and not worry too much about the consequences.For myself, the big decisions in life come easily - I am generally not rattled by stuff like work - I have seen many changes but I always manage to take them in my stride. Its the day to day that gives me stress and gets me worried. I wish I could be adventurous in daily life!
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                  Good Luck with your decision!

                  I would go


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                    Can you do a compromise and maybe do a shorter trip, 3-4 weeks? I'm usually a play it safe kind of person - I'm a mega planner!!! - but here I sit right now in New Orleans ... by myself and having a good time. I know this trip will put a dent in my finances, and I have another planned trip with visitors to New York next month ... but how many times will I be able to go to New York with some Australian friends who will be visiting and get to do to a Yankees / Red Sox game? Probably not again. Of course, after August, I'm going to be a hermit and not go anywhere for a while!! LOL