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Traveling can be very inspiring

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  • Traveling can be very inspiring

    As some of you know this year is a travel year for me and I started my trip in January and we are still on our way.
    Apart from seeing many beautiful and less beautiful places (let's be honest not every place is amazing hahahah) what really started to catch my attention is people and different believes and ways of living. For example in Vietnam I met a girl who explained to me that for them the shape of the face is very important and how the eyes are places (and the birth day etc) It means that when a mother in law meets a girl with the features that are not good she could be against the marriage (because it could bring bad luck to the husband - in this case her uncle married a woman and he died eventually)
    I was wondering if during your travels did you discover anything that has surprised you or inspired? I'd love to hear your stories

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    Hmmm ... that's super interesting! At the moment I can't think of anything ... but I do so love to travel! I'm going to put some thought into this and hopefully come back and share!

    What an amazing opportunity for you to travel!!
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      One thing I enjoy about traveling are the similarities and the differences in things like food and the things we say and do.

      For example, the menu at McDonald's (they even have regional specialties in different parts of the US!) - in Thailand you can get your burger on a 'bun' made of pressed-together rice, in Korea you could get a bulgogi 'burger', and in Greece the french fries were cooked in olive oil.

      How about Fanta? In the US, Fanta is this sickly sweet orange soda that even my kids think is a little over the top, but in Europe, in the same bottle with the same label, it's a not-unpleasant lightly fizzy orange-y flavored drink, more like Orangina. The other day we saw Fanta in the grocery store, and my kids were like: 'look Mom. Fahnta!' (because in the Netherlands it's called 'Fahn-ta'). To which I responded, 'no, that's FAN-ta'. And we were all sad.

      I love that kids can play together and people can be polite and friendly and helpful even if they don't understand the words being spoken. A thank you and a smile are truly pan-lingual. And my absolute favorite, momming is something that transcends any and all language barriers. Tone of voice, that stinky eyeball, you know what I'm talking about.


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        jimbojambod , I love that you are doing this trip... I follow you on Instagram as well and am enjoying your pictures. I don't know that I've found a specific thing during my travels, but I do love to see how different cultures live their day to day lives... what seems important to them and what isn't important... how THEY view me as a foreigner and an American, how business is done, etc. I love just sitting in a coffeeshop and watching the people go by and interact... Good stuff!


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          My kids and I LOVE watching people when we travel. We love seeing how they interact with each other and with their surroundings. My youngest son is particularly apt to approach people and ask them questions which makes me nervous but also happy that he's so curious. My husband's job takes him to many different countries and he often has international guests here at the house to meet the family. Zach loves meeting these people!