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  • It is hot over here!

    I am English, we talk about the weather a lot, but honestly, right now it is sooooo hot! We aren't really used to it, and definitely not geared up for it! It was apparently 30 degrees today, and my children's bedrooms are hot and stuffy, and they can't sleep. It is going to be like this for a few days, which is great, but I need some tips to help keep their rooms cooler so they can sleep before 10pm ( so they aren't so cranky the next day, we still have 6 weeks of school, and they have to be up on time!).

    So far we have tried open windows with curtains/blinds shut, but there isn't a whole lot of breeze, so that isn't working much. We have a fan or two, but they don't seem to be doing much except enticing my 3yr old out of his bed! Any other hints, tips or ideas? Thank you

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    If your fans are a box fans, you can place a bucket of ice in front of it, and that will cool the air blowing over it, or you could place a wet washcloth in front of it too.

    Sorry that it is so hot. You might want to stock up on popsicles tomorrow to help the littles to get through the next couple of days.
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      No kidding, we have a freezer drawer dedicated to popsicles, only way to survive the daytime! but thanks for the ice/wet cloth idea, I will try that!

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    Ha! So... we haven't been below 30 C (which is like 86 F) for weeks! Our days average between maybe 37 C and 42 C... I have to get up at 5 a.m. to do my outdoor workouts just so the sun is below the horizon. As soon as that sucker is in the visible sky, it's indoors we go.

    I personally like the heat, though.

    But for little ones, yeah that can be tough, especially to sleep in. Hope you guys have a sprinkler or hose outside! That was always our saving grace in summertime when I lived in WI (which wasn't nearly as hot as here). And even just little rotating fans helped just to keep the air moving. Oops I guess you said fans aren't doing the trick. Maybe a fan put farther away so the noise and air movement isn't as high... but it still does the trick?


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      We drove across northern Arizona and into southern California today. In the Mojave Desert my car thermometer read 115 degrees Fahrenheit (that 46 degrees Celsius), and when we got into the Central Valley at like 5 pm was still 106 degrees (41 degC), which is just ridiculous, in my opinion.

      Keeping the air moving will help, and Hillary's idea is a good one, though if the air is already humid, it won't work as well. Cool wash clothes on the forehead or chest might help a bit, but probably aren't really conducive to getting kids to actually sleep.


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        Yes carrie we are having a ridiculous heat wave this weekend and into the next week. Its gross, sticky and not fun. Not a fan of the heat with little kids and no access to a pool.

        I love Hillary 's idea of a ice bucket with the box fan.


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          We have fans on all night, blowing over us when it's baking. The heat makes me so grumpy though, with littlies - I can't imagine. Hope you survive this!


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            Thankfully we have air conditioning & only maybe a week or two of super hot weather- but one thing we did in our old house that had no ac was cool baths before bed. Almost like taking a dip in a pool! My daughter was only a toddler, but she thought it was so fun to have a cold bath on a hot evening! We also kept everything closed up (windows, black out curtains) until sun went down then opened everything up for the cooler night air. We also had a 2 story house then and sometimes I would sleep downstairs on the couch since our master bedroom was ALWAYS the hottest! Good luck!


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              thanks ladies, tonight was definately better, and I think I might head to bed with a wet cloth too!


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                Fans and cool wash cloths wiped over skin is about the best along with cold bath before bed. It must be hard especially when your homes are not doubt designed for cooler temperatures.

                We also make sure that all curtains are closed during the day and open up after the sun goes down.


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                  corrin, did that heat wave finally break?


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                    Well we had some thunder and rain yesterday, but still it was hot. Today though, oh today has been great! It is still a lovely warm temperature, but there is a breeze with it, which makes everything better! Phew! I hope things continue like this, sunny, warm, but with just enough breeze to keep us sane!


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                      I sing the same song about the breeze, especially on a hot day. Glad you're not still sweltering!