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    hi! you know by now that i LVE to do these types of posts!

    what are your top 5 right?

    heres mine
    1. I have so many projects, little and big, I want to do but finding time is the hard part.

    2. I need to start eating better.

    3. I have a HUGE stack of books to read and no time. Urgh!

    4. Creative slumps are the worst

    5. Life crud is even worse.

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    1. It takes way too much creative energy just making a list of what I want to do - I seldom even start the actual doing

    2. I am loving the soup weather, filling and heart warming

    3. I discovered slipper socks - men's black ones my new favourite

    4. Really craving cheesecake

    5. Having all the kids home (& 1 friend) means the kitchen is never closed or tidy.


    • Sabrina
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      Loved reading yours!

      I have a problem with number 1 too.

      And oh yes my hubbys big black work socks are the best!!

      Lastly, why does the kitchen never close with kids?! Its no fun and never a clean place lol

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    1. The weather is perfect at the moment so we can finally tackle all the garden jobs that have been put on hold.

    2. I am working hard at making our meals more interesting so am trying at least one new recipe each week. Fun!

    3. This coming week is going to be really busy which is why I spent today cleaning the house.

    4. Trying so hard to stick to a diet.

    5. Looking forward to more exercise this week as my sprained ankle is slowly healing.


    • Sabrina
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      Thank you for sharing!!

      A new recipe sounds like a great idea!

      And yay for more exercise! I hope you get all the exercise you want in! And all the gardening done.

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    1. Looking forward to lots of pool days this summer
    2. Gotta pack for Camping this weekend
    3. My BABY is graduating PreSchool on Friday
    4. There is always chores and laundry to be done
    5. I need a nap or coffee or both


    • Sabrina
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      Sounds like you are so busy Krista!

      My BABY has to be registered for KINDERgarten in December. Thats crazy!!

      Why does the laundry and chores and house upkeep never go away?! lol a great mystery of life!

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    1. Last week of school for kids = getting teacher gifts finished up!
    2. NEED to mop my floor- preferablly one of these days before kids are home for summer break!
    3. To-do lists for our out of town weekend with friends coming up next weekend
    4. Getting back on track with healthier eating!
    5. Stanley cup!!!


    • Sabrina
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      Your kids get out late Amie!! We were out June 9th but go back August 10th; which to me is too early.

      When I was a kid we always started school after Labor Day, was that how it was for you?

      You sound like you have a fun weekend ahead! Yay!

      Let's hope we can all make better eating choices. :D

    • AmieN1
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      My kids have a pretty similar schedule that I did as a kid- we start usually just after Labor Day & they get out the middle of June. We had a couple of snow days beyond the built in ones throughout the year, so they get out on the 19th-MONDAY (stupiest day EVER to have last day of school- for only 2 hours!!!)

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    1. I've been sugar free for a month now and am feeling so much better; I think this is the lifestyle change I need.
    2. I am redecorating my house and feel like I have bit off more than I can chew.
    3. Make "easy" decisions like colors for the walls is much harder for me than it should be.
    4. I can't believe my son is getting married next September and we have already started planning.
    5. I hope my dog does not need surgery on his back. He is 11 years old and I am worried that it would be too hard on him.


    • Sabrina
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      That is such an AMAZING and AWESOME accomplishment to be sugar free for a month! Wow! Congrats Lorie!

      And your redecorating project sounds fun! Hope your dog doesn't need surgery either! I'll keep my fingers crossed!

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    What a fun thread. I am posting mine and then going back and reading the rest of them. I have enjoyed reading them so far!

    1. Reading Harry Potter with my 9 year old. Brings back the excitement of reading it for the 1st time.
    2. Getting ready for a Vacation to Florida this weekend.
    3. Swimming. Lots and lots of swimming.
    4. Trying to lose that last lb to finally hit that 20lbs lost.
    5. Scrapping. I have seemed to have found my mojo. Hopefully it lasts. :-)


    • Sabrina
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      How exciting to be reading Harry Potter with your son!! My son hasn't really shown an interest, but maybe soon.

      Oh a vacation to Florida sounds like a dream! Have a blast!

      Wow 20 lbs that so awesome! Congrats!

      yes you have found your mojo because you have been making some beautiful pages <3