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  • Tired

    Hi. Totally not scrapbook related, but does anyone get MAJORLY tired before their monthly? Lately, it has been so bad and I'm just dragging. I'm most definitely not pregnant, but it feels like that level of exhaustion. Just curious if anyone gets this level of tired before their monthly. Thank you in advance for sharing!

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    I definitely find I am more clumsy and introspective, almost have my own little dark cloud over me and then the hormones equalise and all is fine again. Just take the time out and self care to refresh and restore your equilibrium and maybe get those iron levels checked? that can also cause exhaustion.


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      Yes. It's worsened as I've gotten older and it doesn't help it's usually coupled with insomnia too.


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        I am not sure it's related to my cycle in any way... but I am finding in the past 2 months or so that I am just way more tired, in general, than normal. I used to put the kids to bed and sit down on the couch to watch TV/movies w/ the hubs and I'd sit and work with my laptop for a few hours every night. Lately, though, I am literally falling asleep sitting up while doing that. It's the weirdest thing ever. And I'm so exhausted all the time. I actually took a nap last week #NotCommonOrNormalForMe hahaha ...I'm just chalking it all up to "being in my 40s," I guess? All those many years of running on fumes are finally catching up to me, I guess. LOL
        ~ Laura ~