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Yikes! I broke my wedding ring!

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  • Yikes! I broke my wedding ring!

    Yikes! The band on my wedding ring broke. It's so weird. I was walking into the office this morning and I noticed that I felt something sharp on my wedding ring. Odd. I checked it out and saw that one of the wedding bands that surround my engagement ring had snapped. I have no idea when that happened. Isn't it weird that I could have bumped into something hard enough to actually break my wedding ring and I don’t even notice it? Geez. I really should be more observant.

    Thankfully I found a shop nearby that will do jewelry repair so I'm dropping it off this afternoon. I always have my wedding ring on. It's going to feel weird without one for a while! I'm just super thankful that I didn't lose the diamond. Whew!

    Now to make a point to be more observant.

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    that is crazy! I have my ring sent in to retip the prongs & replate the white gold (my work sanitizer is hard on it!) at least once/year & it is SO weird to not have it for a few weeks. I hate it- feel like I forgot something all day!


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      I send mine in once a year for "service" they don't charge unless it requires fixing. The white gold gets out of round if it gets dropped on tiles or something...cough cough.
      But this way I know that all those little claws are fine and keeping the stones in place.
      I do hope your gets fixed asap and not too expensively.


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        Yikes. I'm bad. Stefanie and AmieN1 ... you guys do it once a year? I think I've doe it all of 2 or 3 times now in the past 25 years. OOPS.

        I get it back next week so that's good. I did get to try on a $250,000 ring when I was there. That was fun. It's certainly not happening, but it was fun to try on!


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          I have been wondering what to do about my engagement ring, one of the prongs that holds the diamond in place seems to s ice up every so often, and I push it back down into place, but I am worried that one of these days it will snap off! I didn't know they can service and re-tip bits! I will look into that (and get it re-shaped, I dropped it and it is a little wonky!).