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Ideas and tips for my trip to..... Hawaii!!!!!!!!! OMG

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  • Ideas and tips for my trip to..... Hawaii!!!!!!!!! OMG

    I still can't believe I am typing this!!
    Here's the thing. I am French, hubby is Korean, we live in Japan. You can guess how much trouble we are in when we want to go visit our families, right? lol

    Well, I made the count and I haven't been to a new (not known to me) country for 18 years (the first time I went to Korea was my last time in a new country for me).
    I think it's the forties crisis or something but time flies and it got me scary. What have I done since then? Will I ever be able to "travel" again etc... lol Anyway. I was tired of waiting for hubby to take some time off. The time he is able to take off is for us to go visit Korea or France and that's fine because I miss my family and he misses his, but I needed to have some trip just for us... in this case just for me because hubby has to work
    Therefore I decided to go to HAWAII with some friends and I intend to enjoy it!!!!!

    Now comes my question. I know Carrie lived in Hawaii for a while but she also told me that other folks here too know Hawaii so, what better place to come and ask for tips and ideas for my trip! It's going to be only 4 days there (excluding travel time) but it's OK. It's better than nothing in my case
    I will go with a friend and we'll stay at another friend's rented flat. Other friends will arrive on Saturday and we already have plans for that. Like SHOPPING!!! lol They arrive like us very early in the morning and because the hotel won't be ready by then we will all go to the huge shopping mall nearby. Also, one friend already planned to go to a steak restaurant in the evening and another restaurant on the Sunday night. But I am open to any suggestions for Thursday and Friday. Note that I don't think I can hike (my knees are not what they used to lol). Maybe some places tourists usually go but is really to avoid? I can't imagine there is something to avoid in Hawaii but hey, you never know.

    Anyway, sorry for the long ranting but I hope you can give me ideas.

    Oh my! Also can you explain how to tip?!! In France and we don't tip much not to say at all. All is included and if we tip it's just like "keep the change" kinda of thing. I saw once on TV or in a guidebook that you actually give a percentage of your spending? I don't think we'll take the taxi but in case, I'd like to know what to do!!! lol My first time in America!! Can you guess?! lol

    Looking forward to see what you got for me!!!

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    I haven't been to hawaii since I was 8 yrs old- so I have no advice for you whatsoever but will say AWESOME! Have a blast!!! I'm totally jealous!


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      WOW!!!! that is FABULOUS!!! I have been to, and have a neice just returned from Oahu, but don't really know places to see on Hawaii itself, so I can't help much, but I think whatever you do, it will be FANTASTIC!


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        I lived in Hawaii for a few years on 2 different occasions - we were at Kaneohe Bay on Oahu - which island are you staying on?


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          I've only been to Hawaii once and that was 25 years ago so I don't have any tips. I do want to say that I'm completely JEALOUS. Have a fantastic time!!
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            Thank you everyone!

            Originally posted by mariewilcox View Post
            I lived in Hawaii for a few years on 2 different occasions - we were at Kaneohe Bay on Oahu - which island are you staying on?
            We will not be far from Waikiki beach so that means Oahu? I need to check the map lol...
            Yep, that's the one. Sorry but I haven't been reading my guide book much yet lol
            A friend will be renting a flat for all of June on Kuhio Ave.


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              One good thing about Oahu is that there is public transportation and lots of shuttle buses, so getting around is pretty easy. What to do depends on if you're more of a city person or an outdoor/beach person, a history buff or not, etc. USS Arizona Memorial and the Pearl Harbor tour if you're a history buff. Go to Diamond Head state monument and hike to the top - the view is pretty awesome. For less crowded beaches take the Pali highway (route 61) to Kailua Beach and Hunakai Beach (much less crowded than Waikiki). Pokai Beach Park is a quiet beach favored by locals just off Farrington Highway (the main road); it's on the west side of Oahu and has coral reefs and is great for snorkeling. Just up the road is Aloha Poke, where you can get diced cubes of fresh ahi tuna marinated in wonderful combinations of soy sauce, mayo and wasabi. Manoa is a short drive from Waikiki and the Manoa Falls Trail takes you into a tropical water fall. It's about 1.5 miles round trip and goes through an ancient volcanic rain forest. There are also the touristy things like the helicopter rides, a luau, and the Polynesian cultural center. For restaurants try Home Bar and Grill - it's more like a local bar/restaurant than touristy place and has awesome food and is on Kalakaua Avenue in Honolulu. Lei Lei's Bar and Grill has awesome seafood and their ribs are great too - it's on Kuilima Drive in Kahuku.

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              I remember the Polynesian culture centre as being a highlight of my visit, and also Kailua beach, but the whole island is pretty stunning to drive around!

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            So downtown Honolulu; there are so many wonderful places to eat and things to see. I love the banyan trees at the Moana Surfrider hotel, and watching the surfers (we used to get coffee and cream puffs and sit on the beach first thing in the morning and watch them). If you have a car, I'd recommend doing a circle island - driving up the H-2 to the North Shore and grabbing plate lunch (from a roadside shack or restaurant rather than the mall food court). On that drive you'll go past the Dole Plantation (excellent pineapple whip), fields of coffee plants and Norfolk pines, and the famous Banzai Pipeline (which is super easy to drive right past without realizing it), as well as the windward side of the island, where Marie lived (K-Bay and Kailua are absolutely beautiful). The walk out to the Makapu'u lighthouse on the southeastern side of the island is nice (and paved), and you may also like the hike (also mostly paved, if memory serves) up to the top of Diamond Head. The Pali Lookout is nice too, and requires very little walking.

            There's a fair amount of Japanese influence in the food in Hawaii. You might like to try poke (raw fish) since I know you loooooove sushi (they have that there too).
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              Good decision !!! I know what you mean, we have the same thing, when we have holidays we visit my husbands family in Algeria or France. Or I stay at home, like the last 2 years because we can´t take off some days at the same time (my children now works too). this year in July my husband and my daughter goes to Canada. Same problem , we can´t take off some days at the same time. Seems we will make vacations all seperated

              So I can totaly understand your issue and wish you a lot of fun. I think Hawaii is a dream for all you werent´t there (hopefully after a visit too )

              I didn´t know your husband is korean. Will say this to my daughter , she is a huuuge korean fan and we are planning a trip to korea and japan (my son is a huuuge japan fan), of course seperately
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                I love Hawaii! Have a great time!!


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                  How exciting!! About the tip thing, we had troube figuring it out at first, and I've noticed that when in doubt, you can just ask. People are usually happy that you ask/think about it even if you don't know how to do it properly and will be glad to help! You can also ask other customer in a restaurant for example, although restaurants are pretty easy to tip since it's a percentage of the bill.


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                    Thank you so much for the great info. I need to take a minute to read and take note. My girl friends come home tomorrow for tea so that we can chit chat about our plans for the days we are together. I need to write this all down and check my guide before that lol
                    Meanwhile thanks a bunch.


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                      We went to Hawaii last year - and had a great time! I can second the Dole plantation - it's easy to drive to, and parking is pretty good. We happened to pick a weekend when they had an event going on, so it was really busy, but it was still nice. If you plan on going to visit the USS Arizona and Pearl Harbor, book ahead!! They only sell a certain number of tickets per day, and once they're gone ... they're gone. Also, if you plan on hiking to the top of Diamond Head, plan to do that very first thing in the morning - parking is limited and it gets filled up really quickly. We also did a Polynesian Luau, which was fun and covered many Polynesian cultures ... I know Carrie recommended trying poke - yeah, not my favorite thing ... but OMG, the fresh fruits - and pineapple! Yum!! The cultural center is awesome, and you could easily spend several hours there ... and I know you said not a big hiking fan, but Waimea Falls is a nice walk.


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                        With all your advice to go a little bit further than the downtown area, and because I was able to get it in my town and not the big town, I decided to take this!!! Yay! I feel a bit scared but carpe diem!! lol


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                          Well done!!!

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                          Yay! You won't regret it. Island driving is awesome - and if you take the 'outside' main highway around Oahu, there are plenty of places to pull over and look at the views. It's amazing!

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                        Amson thank you :D


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                          I am just so J!!!! LOL! It sounds glorious and wonderful. I don't have nay tips other than to say take lots of photos even of things you wouldn't want to normally. a gal can never have enough visual reminders of the paradise!!!!
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