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  • Sticker books!

    So, I was reading today's Feature Friday post all about Kristen of kbecca, and she mentioned her love of sticker books and 80's scratch and sniff stickers, and I was overwhelmed by a wave (a tsunami even!) of nostalgia.

    I had a sticker book as a kid, a red photo album with those peel back page protectors actually, and it was filled with all my treasured stickers. I took it everywhere (while wearing a pale yellow t-shirt with a metallic iron-on transfer of a pegasus leaping away from a rainbow/moon/starry sky background and really awesome Jordache jeans....oh yeah, 1982 was awesome), and one afternoon set it down against the utility box (you know, the big pale green power company ones?) in our front yard, and the neighbor's golden retriever came over and peed on it. Can you imagine my anguish? Then my mom, in an attempt to defunk it, poured like half a giant bottle of Jean Naté on my album. It's never been the same since then.

    My favorite stickers were little smiley-faced ice cream cones with arms and legs. I wonder if I still have that album with all those great stickers. It might be down in my basement, packed away.

    How about you? Did you have a sticker book as a kid? Did you beg and plead with your parents to buy you sheets of stickers to stick in that special album? And what ever happened to that book?
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    Me too! I recently came across an old Hello Kitty sticker book and shared it with my Kids. They had zero interest. LOL!


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      I feel like Hello Kitty is totally take it or leave it with today's kiddos. My daughter's kinda meh on all of it, but my neighbor's daughter is all bout everything HK. As a kid, I actually preferred My Melody. Do you remember that character?

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    Lol I had to explain to my daughter the "lisa frank" stuff. She totally loved it & is happy to see some of it coming back!


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      I was not a huge stick fan, although I loved the scratch and sniff trend, in fact the smelly (sniffy sounds nicer!) pens and pencils, erasers, paper, folders - all that stuff was so cool! I had a "cool mint" folder that I loved, and a set of fruit colouring pencils, and a little collection of erasers too


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        Hello, fellow sticker and all things sniffy fans!

        caliten That is the most awesomely 80's memory ever! I can only imagine how horrified you were when the dog peed on your sticker book, but I have to admit that I LOL'ed when I read the part about your mom attempting to defunk it with a bottle of Jean Naté. Did that stuff even come in regular perfume size bottles? All of the moms that I knew (including my own) had huge bottles of it.

        corrin I had a collection of sniffy pens, pencils, and erasers, too! My favorite eraser was a neon pink, white, and blue popsicle that I didn't want to actually use because it was so cute.


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          Oh no, you couldn't USE them! Lol!