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Easter Was Tough!

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  • Easter Was Tough!

    Clean Eating + Chocolate do NOT mix! Thankfully, being by myself, I was able to stay away from temptation ... but oh boy, was it tough! I thought about having 'just one' piece of dark chocolate or something ... but then again, I know myself -- just ONE piece won't do it!! LOL Better not to bring anything in the house to start with.

    Anyone else trying to eat better, get healthy (revisit New Year resolutions?! LOL) ... and trying to get through holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.?

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    Way to stay strong, Kat!

    I did 30 days without sugar in October, and man alive was that hard with all of the Halloween candy, but I can kind of identity what you were going through.

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      I splurged yesterday- spinach dip/bread, chocolate cake and Hershey Kisses!!!


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        I keep thinking I need to get back on the bandwagon.
        Tomorrow might be a good day?


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          YES! This is the reason the EB didn't bring candy to our house- because seriously, the kids still have some Halloween candy! We're not huge candy fans- but man o man... if it's chocolate, I'll eat it! My problem right now is that we have half of my delicious carrot cake leftover from Easter! I tried to get the hubby to take it to work, but he said it's too good to share with his employees! I guess that's a compliment but I"ll have to try extra hard to stay out of it! I am on maintenance mode since I've lost about 40 lbs (over the holidays even!) so I know I can do it- just have to keep up that willpower!


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            I seriously have no willpower when it comes to sweets. I try not to buy them, but then the kids have stuff and DH has stuff and I want it ALL!!!


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              I don't buy chocolate for Easter because I know I will eat it. However, my sister got me an Easter basket full of Daffin's chocolate, which is do good. I gave it to my son and his GF. I also got an edible arrangement from my brother which I brought in to work. It is gone now. Crisis averted.


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                I indulged yesterday and am feeling the effects of it today (mostly feeling sluggish). One of my goals for this year was to make my health a priority. Most days I do OK but yesterday I definitely did not. Baby steps...


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                  Good for you!

                  WFPB is a way of life for me, though I do have a little very dark chocolate from time to time (thankfully sugar isn't a trigger for me and I can leave it alone after a small amount). I celebrated Easter with my family (parents, sisters, and their husbands/kids) and while they all ate their salty fatty ham and loaded fatty twice baked potatoes I enjoyed a wonderful lemon-asparagus pasta dish (one of the sides) and some fresh green beans and carrots. For dessert we had cream puffs, of which I had one. I made the filling so it was dairy free vanilla pudding and I made dairy free chocolate sauce to go on top - all the carnivores never even realized they didn't have dairy in them and loved it


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                    Well done on the cream puffs without dairy ;-)

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                  Yes we had a chocolateless Easter here. I am just so against the commercialism of this holiday that it was more a protest than healthy eating :-)

                  It is definitely easier if there is no chocolate in the house.

                  Yes I am also trying to get healthier. I have inflammatory arthritis and need to move to keep joints ok. I was aiming for 3 days per week at Gym but it is down to 1. I really need to keep going.

                  Good luck Kat!
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                    Amson - Carolyn, I've been introducing more and more vegan days into my meal planning and have found the inflammation from my arthritis is almost gone! My right knee is beyond help and is bone-on-bone, so only a surgical fix will make it better, but without the added inflammation, it's amazing how much easier it is just getting around doing daily activities.


                    • Amson
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                      Kat Hansen - I know what you mean. I have found eliminating sugar and most meat from the diet really helps. Diet plays such a large part in all inflammation.

                    • mariewilcox
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                      This is why I went WFPB (whole-food, plant-based) several years ago. No meat, dairy, or processed foods and it feels GREAT!

                    • Kat Hansen
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                      mariewilcox - I've just started to reintroduce a LITTLE dairy - greek yogurt only - for some additional protein, and I'm leaning towards meat and fish just once a week (one meat, one fish), and the rest are vegan option, so far. Feels great!

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                    Way to go Kat!

                    Holidays and special events are hard. I'm coming up on my 1 year anniversary of hitting my goal/lifetime at Weight Watchers. Special events are hard, but I feel l like I've learned a ton and healthy eating is second nature now. I do indulge some at events, but I completely know my "triggers." Chocolate is one of them. Dry cereal. Chocolate chip cookies. French fries. If I have one bite I am going to have a TON. I just have to completely stay away from it ... or plan on having more than I should. It's real life. We need to be able to endulge now and then!
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