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    I remember when it first launched, I was addicted! Browsing for hours! I still love it but I am not on it as much. What about you? What did we do for inspiration before Pinterest?
    Share your latest pin.

    Here is mine:

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    I was late to the game with Pinterest because I feared the amount of time I would lose to it. I still can get totally lost, but I try to set a time limit on my perusing, which helps. My latest pin (yesterday afternoon) was this one for an American flag display. My husband retired from the military last summer, and he was given the standard American flag that had been flown over the Capitol in a beautiful triangular display case made by a friend of his. Apparently I'm incredibly ungrateful because I suddenly want to remove it from the shadowbox and display more of it. We have a relatively new lumber salvage yard not too far away that sells old windows. How cool would this be hanging over the fireplace?! I guess I could always got get myself another flag and leave his special one to sit on the shelf and gather even more dust.

    Before Pinterest, I lifted layout designs from magazines like Creating Keepsakes and Sunset Magazine, and graphic/design things that I saw and liked when I was out and about. I also have a handful of scrapbook blogs I check every so often that I find (or found) inspirational.


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      that looks loke such a cool idea! And there are so many lovely ideas for old windows, I'd snap some of them up from the salvage yard "just in case"!

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    I love pinterest, but mine is kinda broken. I can't seem to see any new pin even though I know for sure there are some. I don't know why, but it's getting annoying!


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      Pinterest is my jam. I love it. Just pinned this today to make for tomorrow night's dinner (minus the cream):


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        OH MY!! I use Pinterest ALL THE TIME and for a WIDE range of topics!

        Child development, Mom tips, Life hacks, organization tricks, quotes, all types of kid activities with all types of themes, ways to cultivate the best in your life, it goes on and on

        my LAST pin! oh all your Moms and caregiver of kids will love this! hilarious memes


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        I *LOVE* Pinterest. I use it all the time for recipes I want to try (or have tried), organizing ideas, home decor ideas, and more.

        This was my last pin. I cannot wait to try this recipe!


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          I am on pinterest quite often (although like Chloe, it plays up for me often and doesn't work well on our iPad, so that can be really annoying!) - I am often looking for a recipe, or gift idea, some scrap inspiration or craft thing to make with the children. I don't spend as long on there as I used too, but that has to be a good thing!!