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    In my books, Easter is the 2nd most important holiday right after Christmas but I don't feel I have memorable traditions! There's the egg hunt and Easter baskets, dyeing eggs and such but those don't get at the heart of the holiday. What are some ways your families remember Easter and make it meaningful?


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    We go to church on Good Friday, usually eat lamb (none of us are that big on fish) then on Easter Sunday the Easter Bunny visits and then we do church again and lunch at home.
    We usually have loads of hot cross buns as well, but this year DD and I have discovered that they give us the worst heartburn, so I don't know how many we will get through this year. As the children have got older the fun and egg hunt isn't as good as it used to be.
    Roll on grandkids!


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      We go for an Easter scavenger hunt, looking for a specific list of things that are symbolic in the Easter story. We have done this in the woods, on the beach, in the garden - wherever we happen to be! I keep wanting to make the 12 eggs thing that I have seen on Pinterest (12 eggs, and inside each egg is a scripture and an item relating to the Easter story, a lot like an advent calendar). Maybe this year I will actually do that!


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        We don't do much.....and I'm so over the Easter bunny, and all the candy. Last year I broke up two Lego kits into color-coded Easter eggs, and that went over well. This year we're going to put individual letters (hello digital alpha stash!) into the eggs, and then the kids will have to piece them together to make a word or statement that leads them to where the next item is hidden (it's a map, and it might be puzzle pieces scattered around the house), then they'll have to read the map to find their non-candy treasure.

        A friend of mine used to do a cake, I think she called it a Resurrection cake, that involved egg whites and overnight in a preheated oven. It sounded pretty cool.....all the ingredients went into the oven, the door closed, and the next morning, when they opened the oven the next morning, voila, a perfectly baked cake.


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          LOVE this idea!!! I too am over letting my kids eat an over abundance of candy!!

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        We have always done the traditional egg hunt and church service, but nothing special for dinner. This year we are going to my parents so all 18 of us will be there. It will be interesting to see how much of the eggs get dyed versus the kids' hands!!