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  • hockey game

    i think i am not a sports person. i went to a hockey game last night. ugh loud and smelly. all the women were wearing lots of perfume. i think that will be my last one ever. do you enjoy sports?
    --- CELESTE ---

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    Love hockey and pretty much all sports :D I have since I was a kid and then having my own kids who are very athletic has kept me loving them. I've had a football player, hockey player, basketball player, soccer player, softball player, a baseball player, and a track star. My son even raced trucks for a while (we're big NASCAR fans too). I hate golf with a passion though... .like it shouldn't even be a sport


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      We LOVE hockey! My husband has played since he was a little boy & now our almost 6 yr old is just starting! I definitely agree that it's a smelly sport- hubby's stinky gear has to go down to the basement to hang dry! lol! We're a sports family though- the kids are involved in just about everything which means we are crazy busy right now- but I love it! We're lucky that we live in a pretty great sports town- we have WHL hockey (Spokane Chiefs), Minor League Baseball (Spokane Indians), as well as Gonzaga University (Elite 8 right now for basketball!! Go Zags!!!) We are also just 4 hours to Seattle for Seahawks football!


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        Ironically, hockey is my favorite! We are St. Louis Blues fans and we go to games several times a season. I've never noticed smelly perfume, LOL, and I'm sorry you didn't enjoy it! We watch every game on TV, too I enjoy baseball when I go to games... I used to watch it a lot more on TV, but kind of gotten out of that.