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  • Sad, but True ...

    So, yesterday was my birthday - YAY!! Sound be a happy, eventful day ... and what did I do? Spent 12 hours at the office. Now, I can't complain - my coworker took me to lunch, which was really nice Sad part? After a long day at work, I finally get home, make dinner, and then settle down at 8:00 pm to watch some tv. Find that The DaVinci Code is on and think to myself, "I like this movie. I'll watch it."


    Wake up at 11:30 pm.
    On the couch.
    Next movie is on the tv.

    Yeah, I'm THAT kind of party girl. #not

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    LOL, I am the same way. I sat down last night about 10 pm to just relax and watch an episode of Modern Family. I can't tell you what it was about because I was out before the opening credits. And I have the same kinds of birthdays and New Year's Eves. Although it was a quiet Birthday, I hope this winner be a fabulous year for you Kat.


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      Looks as if you need to celebrate on the weekend with friends. Happy Birthday Kat. I really hope that this is a wonderful year for you :-)