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National Puppy Day!

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  • National Puppy Day!

    It's always national something-or-other day but TODAY is national puppy day! I'm a sucker for puppies! We would have a bazillion if the hubby let me! Here's my favorite pic of our Lucy when she was a pup March of 2014:

    Share with me one of your puppy pictures!!!

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    Sadly, I have no puppies, and thus no pictures to share. But your Lucy is just a precious doll, Amie!


    • AmieN1
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      You need one! Thank you! :D

    • caliten
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      Yeah, but it's not happening any time soon, AmieN1. DH is cat people, and since I strictly forbid feline companionship (I know, I'm a terrible human, but I am allergic to them), it means I can't have a dog (or plural dog-s) either. We did make a deal a long time ago though.....when we have land (which we do) and a barn (which we don't) then we can have barn cats (plural) and patrol dogs. So maybe in about 10 years. Sigh.

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    my children keep trying to convince me that we need one too, but for now I will just admire your puppy! She is cute


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      AmieN1 , OMG, Lucy is so adorable (well, she still is!) ... she's really soaking up that sun there, and she looks so tiny!! Obviously, she took to riding in the car pretty early on I don't have any puppy photos of Haddie, since we adopted her at a few years old. Hhhmmm, when I get home today I'll take a look at what I have.


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        I love that photo of Lucy, so cute. I am at work so I do not have any photos of my babies here, but I do have three puppies who are dearly loved by their mama and I have one grand pup that I just adore. My babies are all older -- 11, 9 and 6, and my son just adopted an 8 year old pit/lab mix from a soldier going over seas. Not puppies for a very long time, but still very playful. The four of them romping together is a hoot.