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  • SABLE - is this you?

    A few years back, I was at the fabric store, buying more fabric for a project that I hadn't completely thought through, when the clerk at the cutting counter asked me what the fabric was for. When I told her that I wasn't 100% sure, but I loved the fabric, she chuckled, and said 'SABLE member, right?' Once she explained, yeah, I'm totally a card-carrying member.

    SABLE is the acronym for Stash Accumulated Beyond Life Expectancy.

    Hi, my name is Carrie, and I have accumulated six large tubs of fabric that I'll probably never use, including fabric that I acquired from my mom who'd acquired her own mother's rather sizable fabric stash in the mid-1980s. I also have several gallon Ziploc bags full of wine bottle corks, a Caboodle case (remember those!) stuffed with little tubes of teeny tiny seed beads, and another formerly-clear hinged plastic box with neatly indexed skeins of DMC floss arranged by color (these are exceptionally well aged....they're from the knotted friendship bracelet craze in the late 80s and early 90s). And we won't even mention all the physical scrapbooking stuff in my basement. Don't even go there.

    So how about you, what do you collect with vigor and good intentions?

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    OMG yes this is definitely me. And I am also a collector of fabric. I have lived and travelled to many places and everywhere I have bought fabric. I have 2 large suitcases full of silks and another of superfine cottons from India. I have used it in the past living in Asia where tailors are cheap but back in Australia not so easy. My sewing skills are basic but I am improving! This was one of my 2017 goals.
    As for collecting, I also collect books but given the limited shelf space in our house most lie in boxes.

    SABLE is a great word Carrie!


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      I'm glad to found a fellow fabric accumulator. I'm working on my sewing skills this year too....I want to sew slipcovers for two sofas in my house.....but I need to get better at doing piping first.

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    When I first read this I was like are you talking about my sister? Her name is actually Sable.

    Yes I guess I am a SABLE and I don't like it. I want all of it to go away lol. I have a gigantic tub of scrap crap I stopped using over 5 years ago, a closet full of kid learning/craft/crap stuff and ODDLES of misc pieces to complete a variety of different craft DIY projects.


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      I've never heard of this label before! I am definitely in the club!

      My stash is scrapbook supplies - papers, stickers, ribbons, buttons (I have thousands). My latest hoarding now includes paper clips and sequins. I have my own craft room, but I have so much stuff that it is overflowing!

      I think I need help!


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        Put me on the SABLE list. I have two full cupboards in my office of fabrics for quilts, boxes and boxes of embroidery floss for cross stitching and I used to have a ton of physical scrap stuff, but I donated most of it to the local GS troop. The fabric and floss stays! In fact I am redoing a spare bedroom into a sewing room so that I can not only keep all of it, I can add to it. LOL


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          I am NOT a member of SABLE. ROFL. I cannot stand clutter and am a total purger. I go through closets and rooms every year. I make the kids purge. I make hubby purge. In this house we do NOT keep things if we aren't using them ROFL!!!!!


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            Lol, I think I might be a member too, although I have been slowly and steadily getting rid of physical stuff, but I have not EVER really got rid of any of my digital stash!


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              ROFL!! I used to be like this with knitting yarn, but I ended up giving almost all of it away via FreeCycle to a lady that knitted gloves, hats and scarves for homeless shelters. Of course, I just purchased some new yarn, literally, last weekend to work on a sweater for myself .... um ...