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Followng the NCAA tournament?

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  • Followng the NCAA tournament?

    Anyone following the NCAA basketball tournament (men's or women's)? I'm not from the US, but after 20 years of marriage to my Michigan State alum hubby, I've kind of adopted the Spartans as my 'home' team. While I'm scrapping this afternoon, I've got the tournament on in the background. Love seeing the upset wins and cheering for the underdogs! And while I can happily watch game after game of college basketball, I just can't get into the NBA ... no idea why, when it's the same game!! LOL

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    no but hubby has it on.


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      I'm with you that I prefer college sports (or minor leagues) over the pros (I think it's because maybe they play for the love of the game rather than the money), but I could honestly care less about either and don't follow any teams in any sport (even my alma mater's).


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        We're not big basketball fans in general- but we GOTTA root for the hometown team (Gonzaga Bulldogs!) GO ZAGS!!

        And... can I just add that the tv announcers really need to figure out how to pronounce the names of all the teams- there really isn't THAT many!

        For the record- it is Gon (like GONE)- Zag (like zig zag)- A (like uh)- GONE-ZAG-UH. From SpoCan not SpoKain, WA (and there is NO friggin R in Wa(r)shington) #offmysoapbox