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Okay, I'm asking for April Fool's Day suggestions early!

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  • Okay, I'm asking for April Fool's Day suggestions early!

    We LOVE April Fool's Day here - almost more than birthdays and Christmas. Seriously, we enjoy playing pranks on each other! This is my last year with my 18 year old daughter at home as she'll be at college next year. So...... I need to up my game this year and make it one to remember. Do you have any fun pranks that you've done before? We don't do anything that hurts any person or any property, but we are game for anything else. I'm hoping by starting to plan now, I'll be ready for the 1st!

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    I never could do any pranks, you will see it my face. I can´t kidding, also it´s just for fun *lol*
    But DH can do this perfect. In our early years he did it every year and I always felt for his pranks.

    So I don´t have any good ideas
    --- ASTRID ---


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      Does she have a car? If so something to the effect that a tree fell on it or someone crashed into it or something along those lines.
      Does she have a bank account? Maybe you heard from the bank that someone stole her identity and took all her money.


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        I wish I could help. I am like Astrid. You can read it all over my face. I am awful at it. There is a lot on Pinterest though.

        This creature in the mailbox would make me pee my pants. lol
        --- LA'SHAWN ---


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          Robin, is anyone in your family traveling around the 1st? I worked in an office several years back that was full of pranksters, most noticeably our manager. He was making a business trip and brought his luggage into the office because he had to head straight to the airport and didn't want to deal with back 'n' forth with things. Well, during his lunch break, he left said luggage unattended ... and we went to work. You know the little circles that come out of a hole punch? Yeah, the ones that stick to EVERYTHING with the static? uh-huh. We littered those throughout his clothes in his bag (well, hey, he left it unattended AND not locked!! LOL).

          Wished him well on his trip.

          Get calls two days later that he was STILL pulling little paper circles out of his underwear.


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            Thank you for helping me ladies!!! All went well today. I googly eyed the entire refrigerator (googly eyed - is that a verb???), placed photos on the underside of the commode lid, hid a few fake spiders, filled their bedroom doorways with balloons so they couldn't get out, put some raisins in the toothpaste, exchanged some carbonated water for Sprite, took out batteries to some remotes, changed the mouse pad on my daughter's laptop, and told my son we were buying a new car (which was a loaner car from the dealership while they serviced ours). All in all we laughed and had a great day! I'm sure you'll be seeing my scrapbook layout at some point


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              How fun!

            • corrin
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              I was coming to see what tricks you played too - raisins in the toothpaste -eaugh!

            • mocamom
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              corrin The raisins made it hard to squeeze the toothpaste, so it all came out in one big blob when he finally squeezed hard enough I'm a cruel, cruel mom hehehehe!!