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Passports! Yay or Ugh?

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  • Passports! Yay or Ugh?

    I spent my lovely Sunday afternoon filling out all the paperwork for our passports! Yay... not. Mine & my husbands expires this year, so the renewal stuff isn't too bad, but getting the kids' is crazy! And then, I totally messed up & put one child's social security number & old passport information on the other's form. So, scratch that one & started all over. So irritating, but I keep thinking how easy it will be for us when we're traveling the next few years (really wanting to do some out of the good ole USA trips!) We even got our pictures taken yesterday- so cute!

    Pretty sure our kids are just miniature versions of each of us!

    Do you have a passport? With so many international gals on here I'm curious how their country's process works?

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    We all have 'em in my house, and even have stamps in them. And I wish my passport photo looked as awesome as yours does!!!


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      We all have them as well. I agree. Getting the kids' was the hardest part. It was so difficult getting my husband to be there with his travel schedule. I HATE that we had to inconvenience him, but in the end, it was definitely worth it!


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        I got mine renewed a few months back - and it was quite the ordeal! I had the photos done at a local CVS pharmacy and they weren't good enough quality to pass muster for the passport ... of course, I found that out after I'd taken a day off work and trudged into DC for it. But that's okay, they directed me to a photography store, who worked with the Embassy on a regular basis, so they knew exactly what was needed. Um, okay. Can't be THAT far to walk, right? Bad move on my part - was a loooonng walk -- took a cab back. At least once filed, it was quick - I had the new passport in less than 10 days.


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          we have them for when we went to Mexico...such a process!!!!! I have had to get 2- a second one after I got married.


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            I renewed mine last year to go to Morrocco and the process wasn't too complicated, even though I had to go to the next town because my town doesn't have the machine to record fingerprints and stuff. I photographed the older one before exchanging it for the new one, it had some travel stamps on it! But my favorite one is my Swiss one from when I was much younger (like 20 years ago) because it went to Malaysia, the US twice, Canada, Morrocco... I love seeing all those stamps, so much that now I only renew the French passport (I'm binational), I don't want to have to give this one back!


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              Glad I"m not the only one that didn't want to turn in my old one! We only have stamps from a couple mexico trips, canada (which is only 2 hours away from us) and one trip to Jamaica. Good idea to photograph them at least so I can scrap them!

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            I got mine renewed when I got married two years ago, because I needed my new name on it. So it's good for a good long while... which is awesome because I'm about ready to sell my house and travel the world for a while.


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              We don't have them No plans to take any out of the country trips for a while, so don't think I'll be getting them any time soon. ROFL


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                Here it´s super easy, but I´m wondering of your photos. Here you have straight rules how they have to be (biometric photos)
                - frontal photo
                - strict look in the camera
                - no smile
                - background white, gray, light gray
                - no shadows
                you can imagine how all the passport photos looks like *hahah*

                DH got his german nationality on December 2016 and made his passeports and my daughter made her passport 2 weeks ago, because she travels with Dady to Canada. It takes 10 minutes at the citiy hall, costs 60 Euro (adult), 40 (kids) and it´s done in 3 weeks.
                We always have the identy card and with this we can travel in europe, I had always a passport, because I need it when I travel to Algeria (the kids and DH have the algerian nationaltiy and passports too). Only my son has no passport, he travels with his ID or his algerian passport, but he will need a german passport too, WHEN he travels ;-)
                --- ASTRID ---