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Need ideas for sharing scrapbooking with a class of 25 2nd graders

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  • Need ideas for sharing scrapbooking with a class of 25 2nd graders

    Hey gang - ok I need help! My best friend's son, who is in second grade, asked me to be his special guest since this week is his "All About Me" week. The kids get to choose a special guest to come in and talk about what they do - work, hobbies, whatever. I have 30 minutes... and Blake asked if I could share about scrapbooking.

    So I'm trying to think of a little project I could do with the kids so they could make their own peice... I have 25 copies of a class photo they could use and was originally just thinking of pre-cutting photo mats, ribbons, shapes, etc. so they could make their own mini scrapbook page. But I wondered if anyone had any other ideas to make it a little more interesting. Anyone?

    And on top of that... since it's a sort of presentation... if you had to teach a room full of 2nd graders about scrapbooking, WHAT exactly would you teach them? About what makes a good page? About remembering to journal so you can look back on memories years later? About matching colors? Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Oh, that is so cool! I think making them create a page is a great idea, and in 30 minutes I wouldn't start teaching kids that age about composition or "designing" rules, but urging them to journal would definitely be on my list. And maybe you could show them some of your digi LOs (printed?) so that they could know digiscrapping is a thing, too!


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      2nd grade, is around 6-7yrs? Ooh that is a lot of busy little fingers! so much of scrapping is personal taste when it comes to colour and shapes etc. I would probably tell them more about why I scrapbook, and how taking photos, and letting mums etc take photos is so important, how it makes us happy, and then we get to be happy all over again seeing scrapbooks etc. And how years from now, it will be such a lovely way for future generations to know about us. I think talking about "telling their story" would be really a good idea too ( journaling, like Chloe said), and how scrapbooking is something they can do now, in any notebook, with any paper bits, ticktets, drawing etc, anytime they want to remember something, they can scrap it (photo or not).

      i think I would try to make up packs for them, papers, mats, shapes, journal block etc, all in a ziplock bag maybe? And do a variety, girly colours, bright colours, pastel shades, all blues, all greens... 30mins is not very long to make a page, and some of that time will be talking, and getting organised, so if they have everything they need in a little bag, they can take it home to finish! It is a great idea!


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        love this!
        maybe pick up 4x6 photo albums from the $1 store and have them complete 1 page. they can finish the book at home.
        talk about the importance of recording memories, taking and PRINTING photos, getting creative by using the materials they have at home.
        have fun!


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          I love the ideas here shared already.Especially about having the supplies in ziploc bags so they can take home. I think the best thing is telling them why you do it and examples and then let them make their own.


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            Thank you all for your advice and suggestions - it went GREAT! And guess what I'm gonna scrap now! My little buddy's mom was there to take pictures for me so I'll share those with you guys once I make them. Might go really well with March's Special Edition stuff! <3


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              I'm so glad it went well! I hope you had fun doing it, and yay for pictures to scrap!