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  • Summer!!

    The rain has stopped and it is COLD! Plus our furnace stopped blowing properly so it is even cold in the HOUSE!
    Let's talk about SUMMER! What do you like best about it?

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    Winter dealt us another round of winter yesterday, and I am DONE. I am ready for those longer summer days, and sitting out on my porch watching the boys playing. Oh and flip flops!

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      SUN! Lake! We spend a good amount of time at the inlaws lake house. I CANNOT wait!!!


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        Hillary - thanks for sharing some of your most recent round of winter with us!! It's snowing on the other side of the mountains today!!

        But in the summer, roasting Peeps in the backyard fire pit, eating dinner al fresco on the deck, chillaxin' on the deck in the evening with a frosty beverage.....aaaah. And having the windows open at night, hearing the "coyote opera" and the owls' mournful hooting and even the bear scrounging around in the garbage can.


        • Hillary
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          Well we are still getting it today, so there is obviously plenty to go around.

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        My son doesn't do well without the structure of school so having him home in the summer isn't something I look forward to. Just to be honest. But, we are sending him to some more summer camps to keep him busy.

        When the days are going good I love hanging out in the backyard in our pool, getting together with friends and warm evenings.


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          We just felt the strength of Storm Doris over here, which followed a few days of sunshine and the feeling that spring was here But today the sun is shinning again, even though there is still some pretty gusty wind. My kids are outside, and that is something I love about summer - OUTSIDE! Ice lollies and flip flops, laundry on the line getting dry really fast, and flowers all over the place


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            I truthfully prefer the cooler months. The only real reason I love summer is for FISHING and Swimming. ROFL