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2017 resolutions?

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  • 2017 resolutions?

    Ok, I KNOW this is my goal EVERY year, but this is my year to lose weight and get healthy! Anyone with me? Need a fit buddy? Any tips?

    What are your resolutions?

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    I never do resolutions because I don't want to 'add one more thing' to my plate! We (hubs & I) started a healthier lifestyle goal in September. I am down 30 lbs & want to lose another 10-15. Hubbs is down 35! So- my goal for 2017 is to continue what we've been doing- healthier eating, moving our bodies more & spending more quality time with each other.


    • Kat Hansen
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      Awesome results, Amie! I like the no pressure way of looking at things - just a general "well-being" goal, not a #

    • Lisa Bell
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      Congrats! That is a great accomplishment

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    I set goals instead of making resolutions because I find them easier to achieve and harder to walk way from or ignore. That said, I'm glad to be a fit buddy if anyone wants one! It's always nice to have some extra motivation, and also someone who will 'help' you stay on track.

    My fitness goals this year include regularly working out at least 5 days a week, doing 5 real pull-ups in a row, getting my mile run time down below 11 minutes, and incorporating a broader range of exercises/equipment into my workouts.

    Have you tried a couch to 5K program, farrahjobling? I recently did one and enjoyed it so much that I would gladly do it again.


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      We are concentrating on ALL THINGS MONEY!!!


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        I want to engage more, live in the moment and print out my layouts, and lose weight - that's a standard goal most years.


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          I need to get back to healthy eating and regular exercise, too. I have to find a way to start making it a priority in my schedule. I also want to do a monthly date night with my hubby this year. We so rarely get a date night with our four kiddos at home and I think it is important for us to take time just for us.
          --- KATIE ---


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            My immediate goal is to start the New Year with my workout program and do a full 30 days of exercise every.single.day. With that accomplished, the other things that I'd like to happen (like lose some weight) will just ... happen.


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              same every year - eat less - move more. little more motivation due to my bloodwork last time. i might try a different program for the diet we'll see. go to the gym after work and walk or run on the treadmill. the boys need me less and less.

              --- CELESTE ---


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                I never do resolutions (only on my scrap pages) because I can't realize them.


                • AnikA68
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                  same for me I canĀ“t even shop with a shopping list, then how should I adhere resolutions :-)

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                I don't really take resolutions but I have set up my word of the year and I break it in monthly themes (and then set up monthly goals):
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                • Amson
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                  Chloe I love this. I'll have to do something similar with my word. Looks so good.

                • chloe
                  chloe commented
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                  Thanks Amson I know myself and if I don't break down big yearly resolutions/goals/word of the year, it's too scary and I do nothing! LOL Monthly works for me, as long as I create realistic, concrete goals to put into action!

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                Last year I had a ton of resolutions.... the only one I actually completed is I walked 10,000 steps every single day in 2016... even on the two days I had minor surgeries!! I'm actually quite proud. I had two friends in on the challenge as well and we all made it. Both of them want a break so I'm deciding if I'm going to try for a second year. We all have FitBits so that makes it easy.

                I don't know if I'm going to have any major defined Resolutions this year... there's always the usual... eat better, move more, less sugar, be more present... but those are lifelong resolutions, not just in a given year. But... at the same time... I love goals and challenges and resolutions, so I'm sure I'll come up with SOMETHING, just haven't yet!


                • Amson
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                  Well done Shanon on walking every day 10000 steps. How do you find the fitbit? I'd love something like this to track steps.

                • shannonc
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                  I looooove the FitBit. I never take it off. But it works well with my personality/thinking style... I like to compete to some amount, even with myself, so it definitely helps. I love stats and numbers... and it gives me that!

                • Sweeet
                  Sweeet commented
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                  My hubby and I started this but our generic stepper/counter gadgets gave out and seriously considering a FitBit....I can say 10,000 steps, wow, it DOES make a difference and how you feel after.

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                I used to make resolutions, but don't anymore because for me, it's just a setup for failure and with my low confidence, that doesn't help this gal's self esteem. I started a healthier lifestyle and did manage to lose 17 pounds (I have thyroid issues, so this is phenomenal, I give kudos to my endocrinologist) and plan to work harder when it comes to sticking with my workout DVD. I love it, but I procrastinate alot and procrastination often win LOL!
                --- JENNA ---


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                  I don't make New Year's resolutions. My thinking is that I don't have to wait until the new year to set a goal or make a resolution, I can do that anytime I feel like it


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                    sooo...TODAY IS THE DAY! New year! NEW ME!