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10th anniversary gift ideas

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  • 10th anniversary gift ideas

    Hi! My anniversary is in Jan but I'm scratching my head for gift ideas this time! Both material and sentimental. Hand made and store bought - anything will do - please help me think! I like to go all out- so don't hold back anything )

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    scavenger hunt to sentimental places with a gift at the end (a scrapbook or dinner at the first place you had a date)?
    home video
    weekend getaway
    private dinner cooked at home by a chef
    boudoir photos


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      The 'traditional' tenth anniversary gift is tin, and the 'modern' one is aluminum. Pewter is an alloy made primarily of tin.

      Maybe metal coffee mugs? A great photo in a pewter frame?


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        LOL you will laugh, but I bought my husband (ok, ok "I bought us") a new TiVo for our anniversary next year -- a fancy one that we can stream to all TV's in our house, and watch from our phones and stuff -- and he has never loved me more. Just sayin'. Also, we're not a super "traditionally romantic" couple, as you can likely tell. For our first Valentine's Day after getting married, I bought him a snowblower. Again, NEVER. LOVED. ME. MORE. haha
        ~ Laura ~


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          Also, I just realized that if we compare Krista's answers to mine... it is likely that we will all never stop laughing. Her answers are so sweet and romantic and sexy, and mine are all 'technology!' and 'machines!' hahahaha