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  • NSD Signature Challenge

    Hi everyone! I volunteered to host the signature challenge because I am in dire need of a flashy signature! Don't you want one too? :D

    It is easy. Here are some basic instructions (in case you need them):

    Click on your name in the top right-hand corner of the screen, and choose User Settings.
    Click "Account" and scroll about halfway down the page to the section that's labeled "Conversation Detail Options". There you should see in green "Edit Post Signature" and that's where you can enter your signature. You can link it in using BBCode image tags if it's hosted at another site.

    **ETA: After you click on the "Edit Post Signature", be sure to click on the "A" so you can have more functions to add your siggy (it toggles the advanced editor)!

    To participate in the challenge, you must use 100% TDP products.

    Create your beautiful new signature and come back here to post/share!

    Challenge deadline is midnight (EST) Friday, May 8.

    One random person will be selected to win a $5 gift certificate to the store of Digital Scrapbook Ingredients... and let me tell you, she has a lot of fabulous things in her store. Once I start looking, I add waaaaay too much to my shopping cart. Why oh why aren't there more scrap hours in the day?.
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    --- KIMBERLEE ---

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    I have to play this! So in need of a new one!
    Loving it here <3


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      I'm sporting my new siggie


      • Sokee
        Sokee commented
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        so cute! I lOVE your I blue!

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      Mmmm... Let's see if I managed to do this...

      Here's my siggy:
      Last edited by chloe; 05-01-2015, 09:45 AM. Reason: It was ginormous! LOL


      • Sokee
        Sokee commented
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        I love the bubble to put your ct in! cute!

      • Scrapsandsass
        Scrapsandsass commented
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        this is completely adorable!!

      • chloe
        chloe commented
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        Thanks ladies!

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      Does it have to be new? I already have a siggy I made April 2 using all TDP product, and I really like it. The journal card is perfect for me, as my blog name is "Moments That Won't Run Away."

      I'll make a new siggy if I must for the challenge, but I'll be switching back to my favorite one after iNSD then. :D

      My Website


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        i need a new siggy too!


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          OHHH! I so need to do this Kimberlee! Thanks! Will get right one it!

          created using gorgeous goodies from creashens


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            Yay, I made one! Used Mari's new special edition pack "My Story" and "Painted Love" alpha by Sugarplum Paperie Nicole :-)
            Loving it here <3


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              Okay, I've never made one before, what size do I need to make it?


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                Mine is 125 pixels height 600 pixels wide


                • #11
                  I haven't made one either (yet).

                  But brilliant Brenda came to the rescue as far as size!!!!
                  --- KIMBERLEE ---


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                    Thank you!

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                      My New Siggy! :D I used Laura & Mari's Happy Things Collab


                      • AmieN1
                        AmieN1 commented
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                        Oh crap- it's huge- let me make it smaller...

                        Okay- that looks better! :D
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                      • AlinaLove
                        AlinaLove commented
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                        i can't tell you how often i checked in the browser how this looks. ps never shows me how my siggie actually will look. you can always just pull it into a browser to check size and shadows etc. love how colorful yours is!

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                      Ok hopefully it worked.Kits from DSI and KimB
                      Will resize later. should be better now
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                        Love all the new siggies!! Keep 'm coming! :D