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IN FOCUS 2019 -- WEEK 23 -- HOME

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  • IN FOCUS 2019 -- WEEK 23 -- HOME


    Are you ready? It's time for our 23rd photo prompt of IN FOCUS 2019...

    We think that this week's prompt should yield some really varied and interesting results. We can't wait to see what everyone comes up with! This week, we simply want you to take a photo related to the word...

    That's it! Easy, right? As you go through your week, simply find something that fits that word (hopefully something that actually helps you capture this particular chapter of your life, if you look back on it in a year, or 5 years, etc.)... snap a photo... and then follow the instructions you'll find HERE IN THIS THREAD so you can come back to this thread, start your own post down below, and share your photo with us!

    Then, make sure you check back again next Monday for our next photo prompt of IN FOCUS 2019!

    ~ Laura ~

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    Evening, front yard chilling, just watching the neighborhood!


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      Does that count that we were actually, and for once, far from home?
      Hubby had work on Sunday in the Yamagata prefecture, Yamagata City, so I drived him there and we enjoyed a Saturday together.
      I am really glad I didn't spend more time home for once

      This is a restaurant serving the famous Yonezawa Beef and it was DE-LI-CIOUS!!

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      • Laura Passage
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        Hey ninigoesdigi -- just wanted you to know that for the past few weeks, when you post photos, they're not visible to the rest of us.

        Is it possible that you're posting them from Dropbox? That doesn't usually work, because of privacy permissions.

      • ninigoesdigi
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        Laura Passage. Yep. Looks like I did it again. I forgot about that. I will try from MediaFire. Thanks!

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      I helped out on a school trip, and this is my view as we were heading HOME - tired kids but still plenty of talking, and signing, some of the old hand clapping games going on too! Oh the memories!


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          Rock party at home