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    Hello everyone, and welcome to The Digital Press's newest year-long memory-keeping project for 2019!

    Last year we brought you the SCRAP IT | 2018 series, in order to make it quicker and simpler to document each month of the year... and this year, we're going to be focusing on using photos (along with photo prompts, that we'll provide) in order to capture the little Everyday stuff in our lives that sometimes goes unnoticed, but which truly can paint a lasting picture of what our lives were like at any given moment in our individual histories.

    And so... each Monday throughout 2019, we'll be posting a photo prompt -- usually just a single word -- as a guide for something you should document photographically with your camera.

    Additionally... each month, we'll be hosting a corresponding challenge (over in THE CROSSWORD SECTION, here in the forum) that requires you to scrap the photos you took in the previous month (so, for instance, in February 2019... you'll be scrapping the photos you took in January 2019... and so on...).

    We invite everyone to jump in and play along with this IN FOCUS 2019 project -- even if you have no interest in the scrapbooking-related challenges -- and use our prompts, take your photos, and post them here for everyone else who's participating! We think it will be fun to see how everyone else is interpreting the prompts... and we also think ti will help each of us stick with it, if we have other people here to help motivate us and hold us accountable and inspire us to take (and share) these photos!
    A: Just a camera of some kind, and an account at a photo-sharing site of some kind (such as Flickr, Imgur, Tinypic, etc.)

    A: Once you take your photo, based on the photo prompt here at TDP... you'll upload that photo to a photo-sharing site (or if you happen to have a blog of your own, you can even use the media/image feature/area of your site and "host" the photo there)... and then you'll copy the image URL (which is the image address, on the internet) wherever it happens to be "hosted"... and you'll come back here to the forum thread that corresponds to that week's IN FOCUS 2019 photo prompt... and you'll start your own post in that thread... and paste your image URL in that forum thread, using the forum's "Image" button or by typing BBcode around the image URL (see examples, below)...


    ...let's say we want to post a copy of Karla Noél's newest word art set, from the shop -- found at this URL --> http://shop.thedigitalpress.co/Jan-o...ck-Stamps.html

    First, we will visit that page, hover our mouse over the preview image, and right-click on it. We'll choose the option "Copy Image Address" from the pop-up menu. Then, we'll come back to this forum thread/post and paste that URL here, like this ---> http://shop.thedigitalpress.co/image...cks_pv_873.jpg


    ...in order to make that image actually show up here in the forum, we'll do one of the following 2 things:
    (A) "wrap that image URL in BBcode" -- which simply means that we'll type the following text around that image URL we just pasted into the thread. First, just before the image, we'll type [ I M G ] and then just after the image, we'll type [ / I M G ] ...with the only difference being that we will NOT type in the spaces I just included (I added those so the forum wouldn't change the code within the brackets once I post this example thread... LOL).


    (B) we can use the "Image" button that appears at the top of any post that we're drafting here in the forum. If you look at the menu that appears above the text you're typing when you create a forum post/response... you'll see little groupings of icons. There's one 4-part grouping that contains a little chain (link), a chain w/ an "X" (unlink), a landscape-orientation photo with mountains on it (image), and a flimstrip (insert video). CHOOSE/CLICK THAT 3rd ONE -- "image". When the pop-up window appears, the default tab should be "Image Info" and the first text field should be "URL" -- just paste your image URL into that field! Do not click the "Retrieve remote file and reference locally" checkbox, though! And do not switch to the "upload" tab, either, because you don't want to upload your photo to our site (and we don't want you to, either, because it won't display here in the forum properly).

    If we do either of these methods (A or B) properly... the image should show up like this...

    For what it's worth... I typed in the BBcode around the image URL in order to post that image right there! But the forum changed the image tags -- the [ I M G ] and [ / I M G ] part, along w/ the image URL address -- so that it simply displays the photo, instead.

    ...so let's get going, and kick-off IN FOCUS 2019!

    Last edited by Laura Passage; 01-08-2019, 08:07 PM.
    ~ Laura ~

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    great idea !


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      I love this idea!!! Looking forward to participating.


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        I realized not so long ago that my 2018 photo folder was tragically empty. I have lots of iPhone photos of course but I am talking about my big camera photo folders... So maybe this will push me to take my camera with me more often or at least once a week and take proper pictures, a little more artistic pictures. There is only so much you can do with an iPhone, right?
        I hope I won't forget about this after the first 2 weeks lol


        • Ga_L
          Ga_L commented
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          Nini, last year I took all my photos with my iPhone. I have it always in the hand, so it's so easy to take a picture. when I want a good picture of my children, they always move before I come back :-(

        • Laura Passage
          Laura Passage commented
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          A few years ago, I said the same (along the lines of 'there's only so much you can do with an iPhone, right?')... but then I broke down and paid $1.99 or whatever it was to purchase the 'Camera+' app... and now I use my iPhone instead of my DSLR for 98% of my photos. I loooovve the fact that you can quickly correct the focus and the exposure of a photo before you snap the shot -- it's changed my digital photography in such a great way, given that my phone is what I always have with me and is sooo much more convenient. So, anyway... not to sound like an infomercial, but if you haven't ever tried this app -- give it a thought! I love it so much (that, and the new 'Portrait' mode on the new dual-lens iPhones).

        • ninigoesdigi
          ninigoesdigi commented
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          Laura Passage, will definitely check it out!! It's a steal at that price anyway!

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        Wow, this is a great challenge! And a wonderfully easy way to tackle a daunting idea.


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          Will this work with google photos if I share the photo via link? I tried to post using both methods, but couldn't see my picture.... looking forward to being able to participate.


          • Laura Passage
            Laura Passage commented
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            Hi ajrtcjung -- if you want to post the URL that your photo is housed online (where it's 'hosted'), I can take a look and see if I can figure out what might be going wrong? I'd be happy to help, if you like! Let me know.

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          I'm going to participate in this challenge!! It sounds great to focus on capturing images related to the prompts each week.


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            I LOVE P52 projects so this is personally very exciting for me. I am going to think about how I'd like to tackle this one. Maybe use my iPhone only so I know it's available at all times? Maybe use my big girl camera so I can use my different lenses? Maybe concentrate on a single kid per month so they have their alone time with mom? So many possibilities and I'm super excited!!


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              Laura Passage here is the URL where I believe my photo is housed. https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1Q...o6PCIX0swSaMb8

              Thank you!!


              • Laura Passage
                Laura Passage commented
                Editing a comment
                So ajrtcjung -- this is what I see in my browser when I click your link:

                * sad face *

                I wonder if your google photos have privacy settings that keep them from being viewed publicly? I was just talking to one of our team members about this, too, because I couldn't see her google photo image that she posted in the WEEK 1 thread... hmm... ( AmieN1 did you figure this out? I wonder if that's it? Did you do something differently for your WEEK 2 photo? weigh in! haha)

              • AmieN1
                AmieN1 commented
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                Laura Passage I ended up pulling my link from my facebook. I could never get it to work from google photos :/

            • #10
              @ajrtcjung I just grabbed this off of google photo. I hovered my mouse over the preview image, and right-clicked on it. I chose the option "Copy Image Address" from the pop-up menu. Then, I pasted that URL here, like this (it is big!) --->

              Next I added [ I M G ] (with no spaces) before the url, and [ /I M G ] (with no spaces after).

              I hope this helps!
              Last edited by Hillary; 02-04-2019, 08:50 PM.



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