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  • orders queued

    I have orders stuck in "queued" status now for about 12 hours...anyone know how to get them "unstuck"? dying to scrap with my new goodies!

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    Hmm, I don't think I can answer that one, sorry Beckie, but I am sure that help will be here soon!


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      I had the same problem, then ended up doing my order twice and this morning both charges finally showed up in my email. I did message the sales@TDP and this morning I also received a refund.

      Maybe too many of us were trying to order at once? Thanks for the refund though, that was a big order! ♥


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        I did the same thing as Becki, double ordered and then got a refund for almost all the order.


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          I think there was an issue on Paypal's side. I hope it gets all resolved soon. Sorry guys!


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            Hey ladies! So, I think (?) we've gotten to everyone's messages in the customer service queue today... *fingers crossed we didn't miss anyone* ...but I figured I'd take a minute to post here, as well, to explain what we encountered this weekend to clear up all of the confusion (and also, in case there's anyone else out there who still needs help?)...

            Typically, when someone places an order in our shop at TDP... our site "bumps" the transaction over to PayPal in order for the payment to be processed on their site. This is done to ensure privacy/security of our customers' sensitive payment information -- in that we don't ever see/store any of that info here on our site. Instead, we employ PayPal to do it for us -- they're our 3rd party payment processor -- and this keeps everything completely encrypted and safe/secure.

            Then, once a payment transaction is completed... PayPal will always "bump" the transaction back to our site here at TDP, and that's when their server communicates with our site's computer server (called a "digital handshake") to let our software know that the payment was completed and verified... and this signals our site's automated system to release the download links.

            This weekend... it seems that PayPal's server wasn't reliably communicating this last bit of info to our site -- so in a few instances (I found about 30? out of hundreds... but still... 30 is more than we usually see in a year's time), our site never received word that the payment had been completed -- even when it had, in fact, been completed. This left all of those orders with a status of "queued" while those orders waited to be confirmed / downloads released.

            The exciting conclusion is that I went through all of them manually today -- and matched up each order that was still "queued" with the corresponding PayPal transaction ID number from when the payment was processed on their end -- and then I manually released the downloads. If you e-mailed me about this problem, I also e-mailed you back an explanation. If you didn't e-mail may have simply noticed that you suddenly got your download / invoice e-mails after an EXTRA long (weirdly/uncharacteristically long) time.

            Additionally... there were a few of you (3, I believe?) who accidentally placed 2nd orders while the first orders were "queued" -- with the belief that the order simply hadn't gone through. In those cases, I double-checked everything to make sure the orders were identical, and issued refunds for any duplicate purchases.

            If... at this point... you still have issues and you don't believe I've dealt with yours yet... please shoot me a message at and let me know.

            Meanwhile, sorry for all of the crazy! We've put in a request to PayPal to have them look into whatever glitch was occurring on their end, which was keeping the "digital handshake" from taking place in a reliable way this weekend. Ultimately, 30 orders isn't a lot when compared to the hundreds and hundreds of orders that came through during the same time frame... but... it's a very strangely LARGE number, as compared to normal. In other words -- this is the sort of thing that can happen on occasion... but usually we don't even see 30 instances in a single year, let alone in a single weekend. So it's definitely caught our attention, and we're working to see if PayPal can provide us with an explanation.

            So sorry for any inconvenience that this may have caused anyone this weekend! We know that when purchasing digital products, there's an expectation of immediacy connected to each purchase... and we definitely don't like it when our customers don't have immediate access to their new goodies.
            ~ Laura ~


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              Thank you so much Laura!! I've already scrapped two pages with my new goodies.


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                yes, thank you! I freaked out (due to the amount I had paid) and was one of the people that re-ordered. There was another shop in the past that took a bit of time to get your download links from, so I figured I would get them eventually