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Big news! + new Special Edition goodies + newsletter freebie

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  • Big news! + new Special Edition goodies + newsletter freebie

    All is said in my page made today! All fresh from the Photoshopoven!! The page AND the goodies.
    I was "little" late to finish my elements (again... :rolling eyes: lol) but everything is in my store now and 50% OFF this week-end!!!

    I wish I could say the same for my weight but -10.6kg is pretty darn good too! right?! Woot woot! Happy dance. (not that I wish I was half my size, that would be unheatlhy)
    But I can't rest just yet. I have much more to loose! Let's hope I can post a new success page in the next 3 months

    I also have a freebie for my newsletter readers!

    The TDP team also made some pages with my papers! Thank you lovely ladies!!

    also with Meagan's Creations and Rachel Etrog's contribution to the May Special Edition

    by mocamon
    also with Rachel Etrog's contribution to the May Special Edition

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    10Kg is no small feat my dear!! Don't be so hard on your self. Slow and steady wins the race. Congratulations to you!!!
    I recently lost 30lbs from just walking and lowering my carb intake. I feel better than I have in years.
    I look forward to the next page from you.


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      Congrats, Nini (@ningoesdigi) - what awesome results ... but girl, I hear ya on cheese <3 I'm going to HAVE to grab this kit - I've been on a health journey myself this year!


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        Jheri congrats to you too!! I set up my next goal to another -5kg (11lb) so that I feel like I can reach it a little easier than the first 10kgs and that I don't stress too much about it It might go slower from now on but the most important is to keep going! Thank you for the support!

        Kat Hansen thank you!
        Cheese, right?! I had 2 mini Camembert yesterday because I cooked a lot of vegetables yesterday and was far away from my daily calories limit so I allowed myself this treat 2 bites from heaven


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          That's so awesome!! Congratulations to you ninigoesdigi!! That is such a great kit!
          And congrats to you as well, Jheri!!